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NOM is promoting one of the most outrageous anti-LGBT voices working today

by Jeremy Hooper

Just to remind you of how Robert Gagnon thinks of us:

  • His definition of homosexuality: "By definition homosexual desire is sexual narcissism or sexual self-deception. There is either (1) a conscious recognition that one desires in another what one already is and has as a sexual being (anatomy, physiology, sex-based traits) or (2) a self-delusion of sorts in which the sexual same is perceived as some kind of sexual other."
  • Says quite plainly: "It is my contention that homosexual practice is a more serious violation of Scripture’s sexual norms than even incest, adultery, plural marriage, and divorce. "
  • Claims gays threaten American even more than war: "The one political concern where the greatest sea change in the federal government's policies is likely to come is not in social programs for the disadvantaged, the environment, taxes, or even the Iraq War. No, the greatest change is likely to come on the issue of homosexual advocacy and the oppressive hand of the federal government against those who resist the false conclusion that homosexual practice is a normal, natural, and acceptable form of behavior that society should promote"
  • Claims gay as a pathology on par with pedophilia, again suggesting a scientific agenda has stifled this view: "'Pedophilia, unlike homosexuality, is a pathological mental disorder.' One can get at the inaccuracy of this statement from two different angles. One is to make the case, as I have done above, that there is a significant pathological side to homosexuality as regards mental health issues and relational problems (short-term relationships, non monogamy) that cannot be attributed simply to societal opposition to homosexual practice. That the two APAs (Psychiatric and Psychological) no longer classify homosexuality as such in their official literature is not surprising in view of the grip that homosexual advocacy groups have on each organization."
  • On same-sex marriage: "[Gay marriages] are wrong because “gay marriage” is a contradiction in terms. As with consensual adult incest and polyamory, considerations of commitment and fidelity factor only after certain structural prerequisites are met."…"Arguing that we should grant marriage status to homosexually inclined persons to avert promiscuity is like insisting that we grant marriage status to adult incestuous or polygamous unions to promote relational longevity. It doesn’t address the main problem with this particular kind of sexual immorality."
  • The relation he sees between same-sex marriage and incest: "As with the case of the incestuous man, Paul would have found absurd any argument that suggested marriage as a means to avoiding sexual immorality. Same-sex intercourse, like incest, is a far greater instance of sexual immorality than infidelity. If it were otherwise, the church would be compelled to validate all committed incestuous unions. Same-sex intercourse, like man-mother incest, is not substantially improved by the manifestation of fidelity and longevity. Indeed, making the relationship long-term only regularizes the sin."
  • More:"I use the incest analog and the issue of polyamory..those are really the closest analogies because they are actually related to the reasons why we find homosexual practice to be problematic." 

*SOURCE: AFTAH Interview – Prof. Rob Gagnon Compares
Homosexuality to Consensual Incest – Part Two
[Peter LaBarbera's AFTAH]


This same Robert Gagnon will be a featured presenter at The Ruth Institute's upcoming "It Takes a Family To Raise a Village" conference, right alongside NOM personalities Thomas Peters and Jennifer Roback Morse. And now, to strengthen the NOM connections even further, president Brian Brown is tweeting out his support for this same conference where this same "gay is even worse than incest" speaker will guide the young crowd:

Screen Shot 2012-05-09 At 5.57.49 Pm

But Brian probably only wants you to listen to some of the speakers, not all. Right?

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