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Jennifer Roback Morse really wants to remind folks what's in her #GLAADCAP profile; finally, we agree on something!

by Jeremy Hooper

In a new piece that Jennifer Roback Morse titles "making noise, not arguments," the head of the National Organization For Marriage's Ruth Institute once again misrepresents GLAAD's Commentator Accountability Project, calling the work "ham-handed." She also misrepresents the work of my good buddy Zack Ford:

Making noise, not arguments [NOM's Ruth Institute]

But the most telling thing? Even though her whole beef is supposedly with those who don't answer the charges that sounds so lock-solid and razor sharp in her own mind, she never actually addresses the comments—her own comments, made on her own volition—that GLAAD is helping get out to a larger public. So here, allow me:

- Says that “the parallels” between Nazi Germany and contemporary America “are really quite chilling” and what happened in Nazi Germany “is happening to us.” (0:18-0:35)

- Claims that if marriage equality becomes legal, “
Fathers will be marginalized. They will be considered non-essential.”

- Despite polls that prove otherwise, says Catholics don’t really “
accept the category of gayness.” (0:38-0:45)

- Says being gay is a “
completely shameless activity.” (0:20-0:27)

- Has called marriage equality for same-sex couples "
a hostile takeover of the whole civil society" (9:35-9:44)

- Claims
"everybody who reads Genesis -- everybody, Protestant, Catholic, Jew, Mormon -- everybody who reads Genesis supported Prop 8" (1:35-1:52)

- Says the gay rights movement is "
anti-human" and that "the job that religion does in most people's lives, they are filling it up with Earth worship" (1:47-2:14)

- Has referred to same-sex marriage advocates as "
enemies of the human body"

- Has made clumsy historical comparisons,
positioning children of gay couples as victims of a "gross injustice": "When slavery was abolished, all slaves became free men and women. When women obtained the right to vote, the discrimination ended with the very next election. But for children of same sex marriage, the situation will be different. When we come to our senses 30 years from now and realize that we have perpetrated a grotesque injustice, not a single child born fatherless or motherless within a same sex marriage will get his missing parent back. Only prevention will protect children’s rights. The thin disguise of marriage equality will not mislead anyone, nor will it atone for the wrong this day done"

- Said that prior to Prop 8, she was the "
typical, clueless Anglo-Catholic Californian thinking that Mexicans were all busboys or gardeners or whatever" (2nd clip, :57-1:08)

- Refers to gays as both people
who "suffer from same-sex attraction" and "struggle with same-sex attraction" (51:14-51:20)

- Asks of marriage equality advocates: "
Is there anything the advocates of same sex marriage are not willing to do, any value they are unwilling to destry [sic], in order to get their way?"

- Says marriage equality advocates are "at war with Mother Nature."

- Voices belief that homosexuality is"'intrinsically disordered behavior"; advises gays to be celibate; compares homosexuality to "shacking up"

Jennifer Roback Morse [GLAAD CAP]

Our argument, Jen—today, now, and always—is that the arguments you have made against our lives and loves for both personal and political gain are flawed, offensive, and often unfairly spun off as being nothing more than mere "disagreement" or "values-voicing." We're confident that an increasingly clued-in public disagrees with you, not us.

Our ask, ideally, is for you to stop telling our neighbors that we are broken. That would be our hope. But if you can't do that? Our demand—DEMAND!—is that you stop trying to inscribe those personally-held beliefs into the civil laws of this supposedly fair and free nation.

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