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Bryan Fischer: Dems on way out, Republicans can't be pro-LGBT; both should be pro-hyperbole, apparently

by Jeremy Hooper

Bryan Fischer continues to look at this great nation:

For the Democratic Party to enshrine the infamous crime against nature in its party platform is the final nail in the coffin of a party that in its history has defended slavery and racism (the KKK was a Democratic institution) and filibustered Civil Rights legislation in the 1960s. This move signals its permanent slide into political oblivion.

That is, if the Republican Party seizes the day. The Republican Party was founded in 1854 to fight those “twin relics of barbarism, polygamy and slavery.” The growth of Joseph Smith’s polygamous Mormon church in Utah had created a threat to the natural family, and slavery was denying Americans their unalienable right to liberty. The Civil War resolved the issue of slavery, and the Mormon church capitulated to reality and morality by 1890, vindicating the party’s principled defense of both freedom and the family.

The bottom line here is that the GOP was founded to protect and preserve the institution of natural marriage. The Democrats have now made it their agenda to shred this sacred institution and define it out of recognition.
Every Democratic candidate for the House and the Senate needs to be pinned down by both the media and Republican opponents. The GOP needs to hang gay marriage like an anvil around the neck of every Democratic candidate for higher office. Any Democrat who tries to swim with that tied around his neck will find his candidacy seeking to the bottom of the sea. Republicans, force them to declare themselves, and either embrace moral perversion or reject their own party.

Will Republicans recognize the incredible gift that has been handed to them by their opponents and exploit it to the full, or will their moral timidity doom them to a weak-kneed and barely audible defense of their own platform?

Republican candidates should stand proudly with both feet firmly planted on the GOP platform, which unapologetically defends man-woman marriage and calls for a constitutional amendment to preserve this sacred institution in the supreme law of the land.

There is and should be no room for waffling on this issue. Any Republican candidate who believes in same-sex marriage should be invited to leave the friendly moral confines of the GOP and find his true home in the party of the sexual libertines. [AFA]

Sorry, Dick Cheney. Let me be the first human on Earth to inform you that you are not Republican enough.

Then again, perhaps Bryan means this to be the policy of the new Republican party of the new divided states that will secede once President Obama is re-elected:

Eh, well it's not like this man is so well-connected to politics that he was recently featured on a speaking slate right after the GOP's current presidential candidate or anything.

[2011 Value Voters Summit]

Oh. Right.

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