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Maine's leading anti-equality group pulls curtain off its base, their motivations

by Jeremy Hooper

This Christian Civic League of Maine, the organization leading the charge to stop civil marriage equality in the Pine Tree State, asked its supporters if having an LGBT relative, friend, or neighbor influences theirs views on marriage. An interesting question for them to pursue, perhaps. But I can't for the life of me understand why they think that posting the responses was helpful to their cause. Unless, of course, they are now ready to give up the pretense that their campaign is limited only to marriage rather than animus for what they call the "lifestyle."

Here are the responses that specifically refer to sexual orientation as a "lifestyle" or mention "changing" LGBT people in some way:

Absolutely not! I have a daughter and a brother who are practicing the gay lifestyle and they believe they were destined to live this life. For the past 16 years my daughter has chosen the path to live as a lesbian and for the past 25 years my brother has chosen to live as a gay man.
I have a gay brother. In my opinion, he has never been truly happy with his life. We love him and care about him, but he knows that we don’t approve of his choice. For me, it is even more important to support marriage between one man and one woman. I know some gay couples who have been together and are committed but I still believe God’s plan.
My brother has lived a homosexual lifestyle. My views on marriage have not changed. Their lifestyle only influences me to pray for them to be transformed into the image of Christ. I try to understand them and know they need the love of Christ to bring them to repentance as all of us are sinners. I believe marriage is a way to become holy.
True followers of Christ love what he loves and hate what he hates. The Bible is very clear about how God views homosexual activity. No friend or relative will influence my view on marriage because the Word of God is my final answer.

No, because as a Christian I have to abide by God’s laws. Homosexuals rely on feelings and not logic. Even if you don’t believe in God, you can look at cause and effect, shortened lives within their community, and studies that are out there that indicate the children still do much better when there is a father and mother dynamic.
No. I have a lesbian niece and a gay cousin. I love them (and their parents) but I cannot tell them what they are doing is right anymore than I can tell them that lying or cheating is right. I pray for them and ultimately we will all answer to God.

Not really. I am very solid in my faith and know the what the scriptures teach. But at the same time I am obligated to love the sinner and hate the sin. So I do respect their personhood, but not their life style.
No. My daughter is a lesbian and while I love her with all of my heart, I know God’s Word to be true and I know that she is wrong in choosing this lifestyle. Praying continuously for God to change her heart as only He can!
No, it does not influence my view of homosexuality. It does, however, help me to understand their behavior.

No, it would not influence me. I believe marriage is between one man & one woman. Same sex marriage (an oxymoron) would not be the end…next is several partner marriage & young children being indoctrinated into the lifestyle. I have a couple friends that came out of homosexuality & realize how destructive that lifestyle was to them & others.
My oldest daughter has chosen the lesbian lifestyle, and accuses me of not loving her because I support Biblical Truth. She doesn’t understand that real Love seeks what is best for the loved one based on reality not personal delusion. God is Reality, “… it is He that hath made us, and not we ourselves, we are His people and the sheep of His…”

No. I believe marriage is as God created it originally, between a man and woman. Period, end of story. I am just more sensitive to the relative’s feelings in that I do not want to say something rash or hurtful, though I do want to communicate in an appropriate way the love of Christ as well as his error.
No. I have a gay brother in law who we love dearly and is a great person. Very helpful to his parents and enjoyable to be around but, he himself does not think gay marriage is necessary. He keeps his gay lifestyle separate and somewhat private.

I have friends that live in this lifestyle and they influence me in many ways, but they will never convince me that what is unnatural, unhealthy and ungodly is to be considered natural and healthy or godly.
No my view on marriage is based on what the scriptures teach. My homosexual relative, neighbor, or friend has influenced in me in other ways by challenging my attitude towards the person not the lifestyle.

No, I pray that they discover that their choice is NOT Biblical and become saved.
We do and we love him so much and pray God will save him and get him out of this life style

No, Sin is sin, whether it’s people that we love, or strangers. Prayers for them All!!!

No, it doesn’t. Wrong is still wrong…funny how they think that “we” (humans) decided that, instead of GOD.

No. I believe strongly in the Bible’s view of marriage as God meant for it to be. A man and a woman married to each other. Sex is also meant only for such married couples.
No! Biblical text clearly states that such a perverted lifestyle is an abomination, we either believe God’s word or we call Him a liar.

Why is something right or wrong. Because God says so. God says that marriage is between a man and a woman, any sexual activity outside of marriage between a man and a woman is wrong, sinful, and destructive. We had better heed his word. We are all born with a sin nature. God did not create us this way, we inherited it. The lustful feelings come.

No, because homosexual behavior is wrong according to God’s Word no matter who is involved. Sex outside of marriage is wrong too even if involves the opposite sex.

NO it does not change my mind at all. Even though I love them I don’t support them. I have one in my family. It is forbidden according to God’s word and it will destroy our Nation as it did with Sodom and Gomorrah.

MORE: Readers comment on the influence of gay family & neighbors [CCL of Maine]

Those of us who cover these marriage campaigns of course know that the "ex-gay" thing is always bubbling under the surface. Heck, Bob Emrich, the Christian Civic League of Maine personality who is in the top ranks of the marriage campaign, has made it clear on a number of occasions just how fully he supports "changing" gays. But what has changed (so to speak) is their candor. Increasingly, we're seeing them lifting the mask off of that which they used to hide from public view.

Personally, I hope we see more of this. I "like" when Alveda King tells people, in ads, that her team is "on the right side of eternity" (putting our side in hell, if you follow the logic). I "like" when they admit that they want to "change" us. I "like" when they put loose-lipped pastors and professional "ex-gays" on their marriage panels. I "like" it now, yes, because it connects some long overdue dots. But I will really like it when this whole thing goes to court, as it inevitably will, since demonstrated animus is what we already know will defeat them in that venue.

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