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Today in incendiary negligence: FRC calls on Christians to 'stand up' against 'tiny fraction of the population'

by Jeremy Hooper

Family Research Council and its president call on Christians to rise up against LGBT people:

This may be a tiny fraction of the population, but they are quite literally rewriting history. Imagine what the world would look like if Christians lived out the Great Commission with this same kind of intensity! We certainly wouldn't be debating the definition of marriage or the sanctity of human life. In the midst of these social debates, this is a teachable moment. If there's one thing the homosexual community demonstrates again and again, it's that a loud minority is more powerful than a timid majority. If Christians in America would simply stand, unapologetically, and speak the truth in love, there is no limit to the renewal we could experience as a nation. It's time to look beyond the cultural breakdown and recognize that the catalyst for transformational change is us!
FRC's Washington Update (words are credited to president Tony Perkins whether it's ghostwritten or not)

The most frightening thing to me about this is how they view the whole LGBT vs. Christian divide. Regardless of what "fraction of the population" we are, we LGBT folk have come up in society because we have stood up and connected with the hearts and minds of our fellow citizens. Yes, we are forced to have policy debates, and our able handling of these debates and tangible legislative gains have helped increase both awareness and peace of mind. But our "crusade," as it were, is fundamentally about living good, decent, visible lives that cut through the shaming and stigma that defined prior generations.

But here we have Tony acting like we, a human population, are a force that needs to be battled. Not only that, we are painted as a force fit to be battled by a team that happens to subscribe to a particular faith. Never mind that millions of Christians are LGBT, closeted, or straight and supportive in either marginal or highly demonstrative ways. In this frightening vision of Tony Perkins' own design, Christians are a combative force called to beat back people who happen to be LGBT (do not be fooled—"speak the truth in love" means "changing" LGBT people). And in this same vision, LGBT people have only been able to find greater senses of peace because Christians decided to sit out what Tony presents as their needed "war." In Tony's head, we have only come into our own because too many Christians found their sofas and Tivos too soothing to get out and battle those pesky gays.

It's really messed up. Like not in a funny, shake your head, "oh that wacky religious right" way—I'm talking a scary, crazy, almost too unbelievable to process set of circumstances. FRC is making a serious battle cry here! Tony and his ilk are quite literally telling Christian Americans that families like mine are only prospering because they have sat back and allowed it to happen. It sends a chill down spine to know that there are fellow taxpayers in this great country of ours who hold this undeniably hostile worldview.

When they talk like this is, I choose to believe they mean it.

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