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Another week, another FRC prayer that pushes supporters closer to open rebellion

by Jeremy Hooper

Obey God's law rather than man's. That's the crux of this, the Family Research Council's latest argument for why their right to discriminate in civil law is the "persecuted" position playing out in the states:

Religious oppression and persecution associated with legalized same-sex "marriage" (SSM) is already underway, and will only increase. Maryland, Maine and Washington state voters affirmed SSM on Election Day. Minnesota rejected a traditional marriage amendment and legislators are acting swiftly to legalize SSM there. Nine states - MD, ME and WA, plus CT, IA, MA, 201211190822 NH, NY, VT and Washington, DC, now allow SSM. While their laws masquerade as religion friendly (pastors are exempted from any requirement to perform same-sex "marriages"), Christian judges and justices of the peace are not exempted. Nor are Christian clerks who must issue "marriage" licenses; notaries who must notarize legal documents, photographers, florists, bakers, wedding venue operators, marriage counselors, lawyers, homeowners who wish to rent out their homes - all of whom will be required to accept, honor and serve same-sex "married" couples without objection - or face lawsuits and fines.

And what about churches? What will your church do when a "married" same-sex couple demands recognition? Have your pastor and church prepared you for such an eventuality? Will you stand on biblical truth? How about you and your family, when your child comes home from school talking about what he or she is being taught? If you as a business owner or employee are told to be complicit in supporting a same-sex "marriage," will you stand for your faith and close your business or ministry, or lose your job? Catholic Charities in Massachusetts closed their 100+ year old adoption ministry rather than comply with the law requiring them to place adoptive children with homosexual couples. These laws are splitting homes, churches, denominations and America, but the worst is ahead. Each of us must decide whether we will obey God or man (Acts 5:29).

The oppression and persecution is already underway. Most Americans have not realized it yet because it has not touched them directly or deeply. True religious conscience will not be changed by a tyrant's command or a majority vote. God's word has not changed. When told to cease preaching in Jesus' name, Peter and John told authorities: "We ought to obey God rather than men!"

Many who read this have already been subjected to the decision of whether to compromise or to stand on your biblical faith. Others will face this decision sooner or later. Expensive and grueling lawsuits, closing our ministries, being subjected to unbearable fines may well be in our future. President Obama and his administration have helped create an atmosphere in which this is all frighteningly possible and maybe even inevitable.
FRC Prayer Targets]

Half of these are crap (e.g. no one's trying to force churches to marry any kind of couple) and the other half are built around the untenable concept that allows public contractors to flout nondiscrimination laws or other legally-sound policy at their own faith-based whim (e.g. the supposed right of taxpayer-funded clerks to step away when a same-sex couple shows up or of an innkeeper to nakedly discriminate against same-gender couples). None of it is proper witness.

But then again, this is the Family Research Council we are talking about. Whatever it once was, it now seems like ruining the evangelical community's reputation with bald-faced hypocrisy is a key part of (if not the bulk of) this monied special interest group's mission statement.

They lie, is what I'm saying. Constantly.

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