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Audio: NOM's Roback Morse blatantly lies about John Corvino

by Jeremy Hooper

What you are about to hear did not happen. I don't mean it didn't happen exactly as well-compensated National Organization For Marriage spokesperson Jennifer Roback Morse says it did. I mean it did not happen AT ALL.

Take a listen and then I'll meet you around the bend:

[SOURCE: Relevant Radio]

I just finished reading an advance copy of John's next book (which I *highly* recommend), so I knew this sounded out-of-line with what John thinks and feels. Plus I had listened, in full, to the conversation that Morse mentions and certainly didn't remember hearing anything like this. But just to make sure, I went back and watched the two hour video yet again. Unsurprising finding: John didn't say one thing resembling what Roback Morse says he did (FULL VIDEO HERE).

Just to make even more sure, I emailed John. His impassioned response:


He didn't say it. Plain and simple. John doesn't believe it, and he didn't say it. But of course Roback Morse had a point to make about "godless" gays, so why not just go ahead and slander her invited guest?

What really ticks me off about this is the fact that John Corvino is the most thoughtful, measured, and genuinely accommodating voice we have on our side. While I also focus my messaging on the words and actions rather than the person or his/her character or motivations, John goes even a step beyond me. John actually counts as friends some of the vocal LGBT rights opponents whose names you know from this site. John goes right into the heart of the conversation (or bait-and-switch debate, as it were) and offers thought-provoking brain food for those who reasonable expectation tells us are the most unwilling to listen.

If you listen to what John actually did say at the referenced conversation (/debate), you will hear him rationally and ably responding to claims that would have riled a less tempered speaker into pure and uncontainable anger. Because as shocking as this may seem, John actually wants people to hear him. He is sure, steady, on-point, and calm as cucumber because he actually believes—hold your hat for this one—that people who invite him to have a discussion might actually keep their eyes as least somewhat as open as their mouths.

And what does John get for it? He gets publicly burned by the person with whom he he so agreeably had that summer conversation (/debate). The very person who invited him to share his story chooses to co-opt and repurpose it for her own Catholic radio hits.

If the reliably truth-challenged anti-LGBT activists wonder why those of us who challenge them so often get so frustrated by their movement and its practices, then look no further than this Roback Morse clip. It's unfortunate par for a reliably unfair course. I'm confident John can handle—and I'm sure he'll even accept another of Ms. Roback Morse's invites, should one be extended.


**RELATED: Pastor Jim Garlow once used this same debate, of which he served as moderator. to lie about John's intent to marry his partner. John said, as plain as he could say it, that he and Mark, after considering all options, decided to wait until their home state of Michigan gets marriage. But Garlow (during a four-state, pre-election conference call) deceptively claimed John and Mark as examples of gays who don't want to get married.

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