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IFI's Laurie Higgins equates homosexuality with incest, racial supremacy

by Jeremy Hooper

Just days before her organization leads a rally against marriage equality at the state capitol—a rally that the National Organization For Marriage is promoting, by the way—Illinois Family Institute researcher Laurie Higgins continues to show the extreme ways by which her organization denigrates LGBT people as humans. To wit:

Does President Obama really mean that “nobody” should be barred from the Boy Scouts? What about those who affirm polyamory or adult consensual incest as central to their identity? What about those who espouse theories of racial superiority? And how does an organization promote moral straightness or fidelity to God if it can’t make distinctions between moral and immoral conduct? (Let’s not forget that God has some rather uncompromising things to say about homosexuality.)

The BSA Executive Board has said that if it changes the national policy, local organizations will still be permitted to adopt whatever policy they want regarding homosexuality. Well, homosexual acts are either moral or immoral. There is no middle ground. If the board votes to change the national policy, it will necessarily have to have concluded that homosexual acts are moral acts. Only if homosexual acts are moral acts could the board permit local clubs to allow those who affirm homosexuality to serve in leadership positions. It would make no sense for the board to say that local clubs have the right to permit those who affirm immoral acts to serve in leadership positions. Conversely, it would make no sense for the board to say that local clubs have the right to prohibit those who affirm moral acts from serving in leadership positions. There can be no moral mugwumpery on this issue.

Thanks to the relentless, presumptuous quest of homosexuals to shape the moral views of other people’s children, this Boy Scout kerfuffle is not over. Despite specious claims to the contrary, this battle is not about “equality” or “fairness.” It’s about the desperate desire of homosexuals to eradicate conservative moral beliefs and every last vestige of moral disapproval from the global moral landscape. The proper response to this obnoxious pressure from homosexual activists and corporations—neither of which group is noted for their commitment to God or sexual rectitude—would be for the BSA leadership to honor God and act bravely by publicly affirming that there are objective moral truths from which our sexual lives are not exempt.

When considering the potential for harm to children, set aside for a moment the issue of homosexuals who may prey on the boys under their charge. There is another harm that will be done to all boys whose leaders are homosexual. Those boys will be taught by example the deceit that homosexual acts and relationships are moral. It is unconscionable that an organization committed to God and moral integrity would countenance such destructive role modeling.

Couple this with IFI president David Smith, who routinely tells gay people to "change." Then factor in Linda Jernigan, the IFI's favorite "ex-gay" who can barely go two minutes without mentioning Satan (watch Linda at the IFI's recent pastor retreat). What you get is UNDENIABLE PROFF that the IFI is an organization that wants to go well beyond just marriage or even rights. This is an organization that is nakedly on record as being against LGBT people AS HUMAN. This important distinction—a distinction that is not true of every state policy group, thus the reason the IFI has earned special distinction—should not be lost in the state's marriage debate.

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