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The only thing GLSEN is 'infiltrating' is the schoolyard 'smear the queer' game

by Jeremy Hooper

We recognize transgender children for one primary reason: because transgender children exist.

But to hear Alliance Defending Freedom's Matt Sharp tell it, a trans child is on part with a kid who wants to eat junk food all day. Oh, and advocacy groups that work to foster understanding of LGBT children (who, let me again remind you, realistically exist independent of politics) are in it just so they can undermine American parents:

Msharp At what point did we as a society abandon the idea that good parents train and direct the upbringing of their child? Who in their right mind thinks that a child is equipped to decide its “gender identity”? I have a 3 year old son. If left to his own concept of right and wrong, he would eat nothing but hot dogs and M&Ms and would spend all day picking on his younger sister. But as his parents, my wife and I know that we must train him to eat a variety of foods, to play nicely with his sister, and yes, even to embrace his role and responsibilities as a male.

Yet, these God-ordained rights to train our children in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6) are under attack. Groups like GLSEN are infiltrating schools to expose kids to curriculum that promotes homosexuality and contradicts the biblical teaching they receive at home. These groups know that if they can push their ideology on your child while he or she (not “ze”) is at school, where they spend over half of their day, they can undermine the training you instill at home. [ADF]

If your parental "training" tells kids to support the radical anti-LGBT agenda of groups like the Alliance Defense Fund, then I'm not going to lie: I'd love to undermine that agenda. When your child comes of age, I hope that he or she (or ze) will side with basic fairness, equal rights, and full acceptance of the wonderful spectrum of normalcy that populates this Earth.

But are groups like GLSEN telling parents how they must raise their children? Oh please! I am so sick of those fear lines from anti-LGBT activists who want to justify their drive to discriminate.

All American parents has the right to teach, raise, worship with, and micromanage every last choice that their children make. However, if they are going to send their children to tax-funded schools, then those schools very well might (and hopefully all soon will) promote tolerance, at the least, of LGBT people. LGBT people are, after all, taxpayers as well, and LGBT discrimination is, after all, a long held problem within America's public school system. That dual reality makes for one no-brainer decision. We have a human population and a pronounced problem—we can, should, and will work to lessen oppression and increase inclusion.

The only thing this undermines is the supposed "right" of a public school student to be somehow nasty to LGBT classmates, their LGBT family members/friends, or and LGBT staff member. If that is not your goal, then public schools that promote base level acceptance of LGBT people should not threaten you or your parenting skills.

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