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'We're the victims' is anti-LGBT crowd's broken record; here's Joseph Farah's latest track

by Jeremy Hooper

If WND publisher Joseph Farah is consistent, he will start advocating against nondiscrimination protections that speak to race, religion, Screen Shot 2013-08-12 At 8.41.03 Am gender, national origin, disability, etc. But he of course won't do that. Like all social conservative voices, he knows that nondiscrimination protections that speak to sexual orientation or gender identity are the only kind whose exploitation still holds some sort of political sway in certain camps.

Exploit away, Mr. Farah:

It’s why America’s founders established a Bill of Rights. These were not “special privileges” bestowed by government. Instead, they were recognized as God-given rights. Whenever government starts handing out special protections of classes of people, especially based on their behavior, you are no longer protecting rights, you are denying them.

That’s where the homosexual agenda is rapidly heading.

The movement started with this slogan: “It’s nobody’s business what I do in the privacy of my own bedroom.” It has become a movement that is obsessed with what people do in their own bedroom – a movement that seeks to identify people based on what they do in their own bedroom, or anywhere else for that matter.

Yet, few Americans have yet realized how far off the rails this train has veered.

The popular culture loves, adores and worships all things “gay.”

In such an environment, is it really that tough to imagine Americans being victimized because of their most heart-felt religious convictions?

FULL: When NonDiscrimination Spells Bigotry [WND]

And of course there's never any answer for where this leaves LGBT people. The social conservatives are so hellbent on portraying themselves as the victims that they no longer even address the actual issue at hand. Whether its marriage, where they focus on the straight people who are supposedly maligned rather than the same-sex couples at the heart of the discussion, or conversations like these pertaining to nondiscrimination laws, where the exalt the desire to turn faith-based condemnations into special public policy exceptions, the paid thinkers and spokespeople who carry this "pro-family" water have stopped trying to knock down our arguments. Their game, in full, is to ignore our welfare and instead "explain" why their own rights, safety, and peace of mind is of supreme importance, and to twist that "explanation" into an exercise in "religious freedom" rather than discrimination. They don't answer the pertinent questions.

Of course we know their ultimate answer. Joseph Farah is on record saying that homosexuality will bring "national judgment," and he's an advocate for so-called "ex-gay" "change." If you follow any prominent social conservative's thread long enough, you will end up with gay people "changing" or at least suppressing who we are. Almost always. And that, my pals, is the main (and often undresses problem). If you don't even believe that we should be LGBT, there is virtually no chance that you will support any policies that ensure our basic protections. And this being the truth, you start to understand why the opposition arguments are so reliably disingenuous/inadequate/twisted/unfairly framed. They are trying to hide what is really at the root of this whole thing.

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