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California infighting: Randy Thomasson vs. the 'Privacy For All Students' campaign

by Jeremy Hooper

Longtime California activist Randy Thomasson, likely still mad from the public tongue-lashing the Frank Schubert–masterminded Proposition 8 campaign gave him back in 2008, is now coming out against the current Schubert–masterminded effort to repeal transgender safeguards in CA public schools. In a lengthy blog post, Thomasson tells his supporters that the current repeal effort is pointless, destined to fail, and a complete waste of money:

• A referendum is so weak, if one succeeds, the Legislature can repeal it the next day. And believe me, the pro-homosexuality-bisexuality-transsexuality Democrats that have iron-fisted control of both houses of the California Legislature will want to.

• It takes well over a million dollars, up front, to qualify a referendum for the California ballot. This large sum is needed to pay professional signature gatherers up and down the state, who will stand in front of stores and post offices, and rake in tens of thousands of voter signatures each week. Qualifying a referendum for the ballot requires a minimum of 750,000 raw-count signatures, not 505,000 signatures, which is just above the minimum required verified signatures.

In 2007, the same organizers of the current referendum campaign collected less than half of the raw-count signatures needed in their failed attempt to repeal SB 777, the “LGBT school programs and activities” law; in 2011, they collected just over half the raw-count signatures needed in their unsuccessful effort to repeal SB 48, the “gay history” law. Organizers got more donors and built a bigger mailing list, but average people got discouraged and nothing got on the ballot (which, if these referenda did qualify and a majority of Californians temporarily repealed SB 777 or SB 48 by voting “no” on either ballot referendum, the people’s vote still could have been easily “repealed” by the Democrat-controlled, pro-”LGBT” Legislature).

• For all practical purposes, time has already run out for the AB 1266 referendum to qualify for the ballot.
Where this stands today (Sept. 11) is there are no paid, professional signature gatherers for the AB 1266 referendum, and less than two months to gather 750-850,000 raw-count signatures. Like the unprofessional referendum efforts of 2007 and 2011, the AB 1266 referendum campaign is extremely unlikely to qualify for the ballot, and definitely will not protect California children from unnatural, unhealthy sexual indoctrination in K-12 government schools. I wish it were otherwise. But pro-family Californians need to realize that the very weak vehicle of a ballot referendum is simply not the way to protect moral values in California.
Facts about the AB 1266 referendum [SaveCalifornia.com]

In this case, Randy is absolutely right. Those "pro-family" Californians who finance this campaign will be doing little more than giving Frank Schubert, the National Organization For Marriage political director who has already profited greatly from these kinds of campaigns, more money for his bank account. Randy's facts about past failures and practical realities are, in fact, sound. The so-called "Privacy For All Students" campaign of transphobia is a go-nowhere proposal.

You gotta say one thing for our particularly vicious opponents. They tend to be the ones who most fully and frankly call out their own movement's opportunists.

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