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Pro-discrimination Prop 8 proponents still in search of a court that'll buy into fables

by Jeremy Hooper

The losing Prop 8 team will never stop trying to convince the nation that they, the rights-strippers, are the ones who have suffered. Nor will they stop trying to put themselves above fair campaign:

Supporters of California's 2008 ban on same-sex marriage are back in court arguing for an exemption from the state's campaign disclosure laws because of threats and harassment they said they have received from gay-rights supporters.
KEEP READING: Prop. 8 campaign wants disclosure laws waived [SF Gate]

I want to make sure you understand what this is: yet another piece of the other side's tactical effort to make marriage discrimination seem like the victimized position.

This has been the game ever since Prop 8 passed. When that now-invalidated bit of nastiness came to be, the pain was so real, the discrimination so stark, and the outrage so loud that it totally spooked people like Maggie Gallagher and Frank Schubert. It didn't take long for them to realize that this soon-fleeting "victory" was actually going to be more damaging to their cause, as a now-awakened nation started to think about this issue more critically. They saw that their side was the obvious aggressor, and they realized that history is rarely kind to those who take away people's rights and protections.

Their answer: telling people that the very taxpayers who they just robbed of basic civil rights are actually the ones doing the threatening and bullying. It was a glaringly obvious attempt to flip the script, and it's the one that has directed the anti-gay/pro-discrimination movement ever since.

Sure, there are probably some who have bought into the idea that people who support anti-gay ballot efforts are constantly subjected to threats and harassment. Most of them, however, are simply trying to foster that impression so that people start seeing those of us who back marriage equality as mean, nasty, tyrannical bullies. That's certainly was that movement's decision makers are doing.

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