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Fiction writers working under collective pseudonym of 'NOM' again begging for fantasy tales' undeserved subsidization

by Jeremy Hooper

The National Organization For Marriage tried (and tried hard) to get a Republican elected to the Oval Office. NOM failed (and failed hard).

But that doesn't stop NOM prez Brian Brown from writing nonsense like this:

We know from watching the disastrous actions of the Obama Administration as they dismantle and redefine core pillars of society like marriage and religious liberty that elections have consequences.

When the wrong people are elected to high office, they end up doing harm to our nation and to future generations. Not only are marriage and religious liberty in jeopardy, but President Obama has racked up unprecedented debt, is in the process of nationalizing the healthcare system, and has dramatically weakened our relations with key allies like Israel, while expressing sympathy for many of our enemies.

But we can take action now, with your help, to change the direction Mr. Obama has set for our country.
NOM's latest fundraising beg

You mean our president? The one the American citizens handily elected twice, despite unprecedented attacks from groups like yours? That guy? The one you all vowed to "sideswipe" only weeks after he took office? He's the one who you are pretending to be some sort of great mistake that somehow sneaked by us all? Riiiiiight, terrible special interest group that is really bad at politics—keep telling yourselves that.

NOM's new plan is to get a GOP majority elected to the U.S. Senate in hopes that some of their fantasy legislation, with a full-on federal marriage ban at the top of their list, will get some movement. Because that's basically what NOM is now: a nakedly partisan GOP front group:

Of the 35 US Senate seats up in 2014, Democrats hold 21 seats and Republicans hold 14. None of the Republican-held seats are considered to be in serious jeopardy. However, five Democrats are retiring, and they are all possible pick-up seats for the GOP (Iowa, Michigan, Montana, South Dakota and West Virginia). Moreover, a number of other very vulnerable seats are up for grabs in conservative or swing states (e.g. Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina, New Mexico, Virginia, etc.).

That means the Republicans need to win six of the 13 most contested seats — or less than half — to get to the magic number of 51.
NOM's latest fundraising beg

The "magic number" is right. After all, to pass the sort of legislation they have in mind, a lamp-dwelling genie would surely be as effective as a midterm election.

Though I'm actually kind of glad NOM dropped its old pretense about being nonpartisan. That's one ruse down—seven bajillion more NOM ruses to go.

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