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Same folks who blasted A&E for taking action against Phil Robertson pushing Rose Parade to stop same-sex marriage

by Jeremy Hooper

I seriously wonder if any of the anti-gay social conservatives have stopped for even a second to consider their hypocrisy. Coming right on the heels of the whole thing with the Duck Dynasty guy, the very same anti-LGBT activists who defended Mr. Robertson's expression and condemned the A&E network for making a certain business decision are now speaking out, loudly and forcibly, demanding the the folks who run the Rose Parade stop a planned same-sex wedding:

RosebowlRather than risk exposing your children to the blatant promotion of a sinful lifestyle this Wednesday morning, we urge your family to simply skip watching the entire network televised parade altogether.

Send a message to William Flinn, executive director of the Rose Bowl Parade, letting him know that you will not be tuning in to see this "in your face" promotion of homosexuality.

[American Family Association]

"This is wrong and backwards for the Rose Parade Committee to allow," argues Thomasson. "The Rose Parade was begun originally to celebrate God's creation of flowers, for families to come and see the beauty."
It's not about the flowers anymore: Rose Parade becomes prop for propaganda [ONN]

The Homosexual Marriage Movement is Evil
7 Lessons From Rose Parade's Gay Wedding Float [Charisma Mag]

San Diego Woman Calls for Boycott of Rose Parade Over Plans For Live Gay Wedding [ABC 10 News]

Now, let me be clear, so as to avoid my own hypocrisy: If the Rose Parade were to decide to pull the wedding, now or in the future, it would not be a "free speech" case any more than Phil Robertson's is. It would be a decision—one that companies and committees and boards and what-have-yas are fully free to make. It would only be a 1st Amendment matter if a government entity silenced the expression. This is not a hard concept to understand, even if folks like Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee are determined to make it one.

But the Rose Parade will not do so because these anti-LGBT voices are out-of-touch with the mainstream. California has marriage equality, and a majority of the population supports it. Even among the non-supporters, most still trend toward the live-and-let-live rather than the RAGE-AND-LET'S-BOYCOTT! The marketplaces of both ideas and commerce will tip toward more inclusion because society if moving that way.

Discrimination and inclusion are not two sides of a coin. Freedom and unfair limitation are not equally-footed positions. Acceptance and condemnation do not balance each other out. It was understandable when A&E reacted to Phil Robertson's racist and anti-gay comments because these comments, delivered during a press appearance, were nasty and offensive. It is also understandable why the Rose Parade committee would support this marriage ceremony, as the expansion of love is a great and wonderful thing.

The pro-equality side is 100% consistent in our view: We support equality, fairness, freedom, and full acceptance and we reject the anti-LGBT agenda. The same cannot be said for the anti-LGBT side, which basically believes that the only view worth defending is the one that cuts LGBT people out of society's picture.

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