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Don't you get it yet? It's not all political for us!

by Jeremy Hooper

Writing for WND, conservative columnist Dennis Prager says the following about marriage equality:

The left and its political party will always create social issues that make Republicans and conservatives look “reactionary” on social issues. Today it is same-sex marriage, the next day it is the Republican “war on women,” and tomorrow it will be ending the objective male-female designation of Americans. (Children should have the right to determine their gender and not have their parents and their genitalia determine it, even at birth.)
FULL: A note to 'fiscal conservatives' from a social conservative [WND]

It's so easy for conservatives like Prager to use phrases like "create social issues" because, for him, our marriage rights are little more than political chess pieces. They are in no way personally affected by any of this. The only way they 201403040843-1are connected to this fight is by the contrived associations that their associated political movement has used to trip us up.

For us, this is life. And our stepping up and taking charge of our lives and our marriages happened without much help from "the left," frankly. To remind you, it wasn't so long ago that our prominent political support on this issue was relegated to a Kennedy and a Feingold. It's not like the Democrats saw some big opportunity way back when and chose this issue as something on which they could pin their hopes. Let's be clear: we LGBT people stood up, made our cases, declared our commitment to our spouses and our equality, and created an America where marriage equality would be seen for the public good that it is. No political party did that—we did that.

And of course the party that did, in fact, use marriage as a wedge—first, foremost, most loudly, and most crudely—was the GOP. Remember 2004? Remember Rove? Remember the then-closeted Ken Mehlman? The GOP pandered to its conservative wing and scared America with its Maggie Gallagher–crafted rhetoric. They took our lives and loves and turned them into a divisive game. There were few-to-no Democrats who were forcing the matter; at best, Democrats were playing defense against the onslaught. The GOP created a social issue out of our civil rights and the used it (and continue to use it) in the most cynical of ways.

So spare me this nonsense, Dennis Prager. If you view this whole marriage thing through the lens of political rather than personal welfare, then you are actually proving my point about which "side" is playing games here. For me, my husband, my kid, and my family of American taxpayers, this is called life. Existence. Happiness.

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