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NY state senator filling #March4Marriage buses without actually mentioning march itself

by Jeremy Hooper

In several emails, National Organization For Marriage president Brian Brown has proudly claimed that New York's most notoriously anti-gay (and cowboy hat–wearing) Democrat, state senator Ruben Diaz Sr., is bringing 100 buses to NOM's pro-discrimination march in D.C. (to be held June 19). Which could be true. Diaz is known to bus in crowds to NOM events.

Only thing? Diaz isn't actually telling people that the buses are for NOM's anti-gay march. Instead, he's selling it as a way for people to get a free trip to the nation's capital so they can "visit the monuments." Andrés Duque reports:

Bpt-2F-Cuaaiu5F.Png-LargeThat's right. Reverend Diaz is selling the free bus rides to DC as an opportunity for people to visit the various monuments throughout the city. A wonderful opportunity for members of Latino churches throughout the area who might not get a lot of chances to visit DC.

This is not the first time Diaz has rallied people to anti-marriage equality demonstrations using deception. At previous rallies I have heard church leaders say that they had no idea they were being taken to such a rally and I have heard other religious leaders that they felt pressured to participate or risk losing the Senator's support.

But this is the first time Diaz has been caught at it so openly. Hilarious.
Excerpts [from Diaz' promotional video]:

I'd like to invite you to participate in the "Second Vigil on Wheels to Washington." We will be traveling to Washington, DC - the nations capital - to testify and say that we are still a powerful church... We are offering any pastor or organization that wishes to accompany us to Washington a bus completely free of charge. Each bus holds 55 passengers and we will send the bus to any place you tell us to do so... The bus will pick you up there, will bring you to Washington and will bring you back to the same spot. And you won't have to pay for a single thing... Join us! Take advantage of the opportunity. Ask for your bus! Fill the bus! And let's go to Washington! Let's go on a trip! Visit the monuments in Washington and testify that Jesus heals and saves and is the King we await.
FULL: Sen. Ruben Diaz offers free rides to DC, doesn't mention anti-gay NOM rally [Blabbeando]
(h/t: Scott Rose)

I can corroborate what Andrés says about attendees not really knowing why they are at the events. At two different Diaz-promoted rallies in NYC (one in the Bronx and one in midtown Manhattan), I made a point to talk to as many of the bussed-in attendees as I could. I kid you not, 85% or more had no clue what the event was event about. Many of those who did know it was an anti-equality rally were clueless about the cause itself. At the Manhattan event, a grip of Diaz attendees tried to convince me that Mayor Bloomberg, a pro-equality person with no power over the state legislature, could and would veto the state marriage law that had gone into effect that day. I'm telling you, there was more information coming off those buses than there was genuine animus.

And it looks like it's happening again, only multiplied. All in the service of the charade that is NOM.

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