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Bryan Fischer: POTUS 'stood on the graves' of Malaysia Air victims 'to promote the legitimacy of sexual deviancy'

by Jeremy Hooper

But hey, at least no one who works at the senior level of one of the biggest "pro-family" groups has taken multiple hours of the past few days to insist that President Obama was politicizing the Malaysia Air tragedy and "promoting sexual deviancy" by simply noting the sad fact that more than one hundreds top AIDS researchers are among the deceased. Right?


6A00D8341C503453Ef01A511D4238A970C About 100 AIDS researchers died a tragic death in the Malaysian airliner disaster. They were on their way to an international conference devoted to the subject of dealing with the AIDS epidemic.

President Obama, taking a page out of the Alinsky-ite “never let a good crisis go to waste” playbook, shamelessly and tackily used the occasion to promote the legitimacy of sexual deviancy.

Here are the president’s remarks about the deceased AIDS researchers (emphasis mine):

These were men and women who had dedicated their own lives to saving the lives of others, and they were taken from us in a senseless act of violence. In this world today, we shouldn't forget that in the midst of conflict and killing, there are people like these. People who are focused on what can be built, rather than what can be destroyed. People who are focused on how they can help people they've never met. People who define themselves not by what makes them different than other people, but by the humanity that we hold in common.

The United States is going to continue to stand for the basic principle that people have a right to live as they choose, that nations have the right to determine their own destiny, and that when terrible events like this occur, the international community stands on the side of justice and on the side of truth.”

What the president said was perfectly appropriate until he stood on the graves of these researchers and lurched from compassion to advocacy for a dangerous and destructive lifestyle.

Imagine if these researchers had been on their way to an international conference on lung cancer, and the president had declared, “The United States is going to continue to stand for the basic principle that people have a right to smoke whatever they chose as often as they choose.” Or if these researchers had been on the way to an international conference on heart disease, and the president had declared, “The United States is going to continue to stand for the basic principle that people have a right to eat as much red meat and fat as they choose.” Michelle wouldn’t have let him back in the White House.
Bottom line: if there is any lesson about homosexuality to be taken from this tragedy it is this. Homosexual behavior kills, and the sooner we alert young men to this the more compassionate we will be and they longer they will live.
Obama politicizes air tragedy to promote sexual deviancy [American Family Association]

I'm actually not even sure the President was referring to homosexual with his "right to live as they choose" remark. His broader remarks were about both Russia/Ukraine and Gaza/Israel, with an overall theme of conflict between way of life and interference thereof. Considering his remarks about the AIDS activists were not specifically LGBT (and that homosexuality isn't a choice), I'm not even sure that the "live as they choose" was related. It was his closing passage meaning to speak to the whole set of remarks, not just the AIDS research specifically.

But Bryan Fischer has some sort of crazed spidey sense that can, will, and does turn any comment, from direct to the most benign, into some sort of new way to ding LGBT people for simply existing on the same planet as he does. His work is not only jaw-dropping in its unmatched level of offense—it's also just plain bizarre. Like truly, 100%, in every way odd, his obsessions.

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