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Some people barbecue and shoot fireworks; FRC pushes untruths about marriage equality, Justice Kennedy

by Jeremy Hooper

KEY FACT ONE: Justice Kennedy, writing for the majority in the Windsor (DOMA) opinion, did not use the word "bigot" even one time. Not once. In fact, in the entire body of language that came from the Supreme Court justices in the Windsor opinion, the word "bigot" was only used once, with the word "bigotry" gaining one additional mention —both of them from Justice Alito, writing for the dissent.

KEY FACT TWO: In 1963, people could not have imagined interracial couples having the right to marry either. And in fact, public support for the notion was waaaaaaaaaay less at the time of the Loving decision (and for many years after) than support for marriage equality was at the time of the Windsor opinion.

KEY FACT THREE: People who were on the right side of the DOMA decision do not "seek to end marriage." Obviously. That should go without saying, but with many things concerning social conservatives and their chosen battles, we have to restate the obvious time and time again. That obvious: that marriage equality supporters want *more* marriages, not less.

Now go read Family Research Council Senior Fellow Bob Morrison's disgusting use of his Fourth of July column to knock marriage equality and Anthony Kennedy so that he can yet again portray himself and his team of discriminators as the victims of an America that is losing its way:

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 At 7.53.52 Pm "When the author of Windsor blasted marriage defenders for demeaning, hurting, degrading, and otherwise mistreating those who seek to end marriage, he might have gone further. Tony Kennedy might have confessed his own sinfulness.

That's because when Kennedy married his wife, Mary Davis, in 1963, not he, nor his bride, nor the priest who married them, nor any of the bridesmaids, nor any of the groomsmen, nor any of the guests who attended their wedding, nor even the boys in the band would have recognized marriage as anything but the union of one man and one woman.

Was young Tony Kennedy a bigot? Should he have been driven from his law firm the way Brendan Eich was driven from Mozilla? Yet Tony Kennedy today demands we all join him in condemning all those who defend true marriage. He wants us to call them bigots.

I won't do it. Perhaps I'm stubborn. Maybe I just hold some truths that are still Self-Evident.
FULL: The Declaration's Self-Evident Truths [FRC]

Not to mention how thoroughly presumptuous it is to pretend to know "Tony" Kennedy's heart. For all we know, the Kennedy marriage included a celebratory toast to Bob and John and their eventual right to have a wedding of their own. I wasn't there, and I'm pretty sure Bob Morrison wasn't either.

Regardless, the fact that many people had to grow into their support for marriage equality is not our opposition's talking point—it's ours. It speaks to people's ability to grow once they learn more facts and have more experience. And when speaking specifically about marriage and LGBT support in general, it speaks to people's ability to cut through the truly cruel and purposefully diminishing noise of groups like the Family Research Council in order to learn the truth about a rich, vibrant, decent population of Americans. God bless America!

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