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FRC writer: We need 'proper ammunition' to reshape anti-LGBT culture

by Jeremy Hooper

Citing the Boy Scouts of America's decision to allow openly gay youth without a court forcing them to do so as well as the New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade's just announced agreement to allow one LGBT group to march in next year's parade, Travis Weber, the Director of the Center for Religious Liberty at the viciously anti-LGBT Family Research Council, writes the following about what his side must do to stop acceptance from taking hold:

By14A02 NormalThough these are only two situations, they are high profile matters which illustrate my point: it is highly important to address cultural trends over the long-term, and the thinking that underlies them, in addition to fighting legal battles and addressing matters through the legislature. These cases are monumental constitutional rulings, and many who still wish to speak freely can rely on them. But we can win great court battles and still lose the culture (as these cases illustrate) without properly addressing these trends at the roots. The “how” of addressing these trends is more difficult. One might start by studying how those advancing “anything goes” sexuality have been so successful over the past decades, and after properly understanding the context and our opponents’ messages, we can ascertain the best long-term language to communicate the importance of religious liberty and other issues. Only when we have acquired the proper ammunition for re-shaping our culture over the long-term, can we begin to use it.
FULL: A Tale of Two…Groups Which Voluntarily Relinquished their Freedom to Associate [FRC]

I love this idea that we are pushing "anything goes" sexuality. The very point of the gay rights movement is that homosexuality and bisexuality do, in fact, exist, just as heterosexuality exists. Those sexualities "go," so to speak. Our advocacy actually based upon a relatively limited "anything"—one that is guided by scientifically-recognized reality.

So what "long-term language" is Mr. Weber going to put out there to make an increasingly accepting culture more hostile to the human beings who they have come to know, love, and recognize as worthwhile members of society? I mean, FRC has pretty much tried it all, from suggesting that gay people need to be "exported" to insisting that we are guided by our malevolent master the devil. And that didn't work for them. In fact, I would argue that the hyperbole worked for us, helping us show America how ugly the fight against our basic rights truly is.

Rather than looking for "proper ammunition" to move forward, FRC should put down the arms. Stop hurting people.

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