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Audio: Peter LaBarbera attempts to deny 'hate' by repeating his extremely hateful quote

by Jeremy Hooper

When the professional anti-LGBT activists attempt to argue against a "hate" charge, they typically focus on milder parts of their work life so that they can distract the casual observer with more loving acts and phrases rather than some of their worst hits. But this attempt by longtime activist Peter LaBarbera is just plain funny in its attempt to sidestep the "hate" claim by citing one of the most hateful dismissals of gay-headed families imaginable:

In this quote, Peter is saying that people like me and families like mine are damaging our beloved children. He is suggesting that my child will grow up damaged because she will come to know her fathers' "perversion" as "normalized." He is sating that my family is innately broken by virtue of its structure alone. His words are crude, careless, and beyond offensive, and they are targeted not just against me, an adult, but also at my one-year-old daughter.

This clip is a perfect example of why Peter is now considered fringe even within his own movement. When he speaks, he only proves our point.

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Duggars promote discriminatory bakers, improper pluralization

by Jeremy Hooper

Aaron and Melissa Klein are the proprietors of the now-closed Sweet Cakes by Melissa, the Oregon bakery that caught national attention for unlawfully denying a lesbian couple who sought their business. The Kleins have admitted that they discriminated because they believe homosexuality is a sin, and they have owned up to the fact that they turned away other gay customers before they were finally called out for doing so. They also recently baked cakes for a very fringe "ex-gay" organization, adding even more insight into their deeper agenda (hint: it's not just about marriage).

But they are apparently in the good graces of TV's popular Duggar family. The TLC reality stars dined with the Kleins at this weekend's Values Voter Summit, and they are now promoting their story in an improperly punctuated tweet:

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 At 9.42.42 Pm
[Duggar Fam]

"Their story" begins and ends at flouting nondiscrimination laws that they determined should not have to apply to them. That's it. This is the sole reason why the Kleins are known on any grand scale, and the reason why the anti-gay far-right continues to exploit their story.

But it's not a surprise to see the Duggars yet again carrying water for the anti-gay movement; this is what they do, and increasingly so. I just wish a mainstream media that continues to present this family as a fun novelty story would pay attention to what's really going on. There is a lot going on behind the fluffy reality TV facade.

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AFA's Fischer links 'raping puppy' headline to sexual orientation, 'born this way' arguments

by Jeremy Hooper

The link within his tweet points to this headline:

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 At 6.19.51 Pm

The tweet itself, which is a clear attempt by the rabidly anti-gay American Family Association senior analyst to like bestiality to homosexuality, reads like so:

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 At 6.22.43 Pm
[AFA's Fischer]

Because that's what people like Fischer do, and increasingly so. They are on a quest to diminish the "born this way" argument and the very idea of homosexuality as a sexual orientation by positioning it as a mantle onto which any and everyone could theoretically cling. The more ludicrous the example, the better, in their eyes. They want you to believe that homosexuality, if accepted as a valid sexual orientation, is a slippery slope toward pedophilia. And incest. And puppy rape, as it were.

The truth is that any puppy rapist who might play an orientation/"born this way" card would have a basis as much in heterosexuality as homosexuality, since both are sexual orientations that most people accept as being a natural part of who they are. But of course it's only gay people who Bryan has a political need to diminish.

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Photos: Scientifically-discredited, deeply offensive junk science presented as truth as #VVS14

by Jeremy Hooper

The Family Research Council's Values Voter Summit is probably the most anti-LGBT political conference on the calendar. That is not news. Everyone who knows politics knows how exceedingly hostile this annual conference is; anyone who suggests otherwise is being willfully disingenuous. Despite its ability to keep pulling in mainstream conservative figures, VVS is an event that considers the mission of happy, accepted, protected gay people to be its antithesis.

This is why, year after year, you will find all kinds of "ex-gay" propaganda on hand, right alongside the Republican politicians who hope to be your next president:

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 At 9.56.47 Pm

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 At 9.57.11 Pm
[Elise Foley]

Let's be clear: There is no equivalent on the Democratic side. There is no progressive movement that dismisses scientific consensus as it pushes its goal of "fixing" a minority population. There is certainly not a movement like that which manages to make its way into speeches and exhibit halls and the common teachings of the host organizations.

If there were such movement, I'm fairly certain that any conference that shared in its vision would be a no-starter conference for most, if not all, Democratic politicians of good faith. And yet Values Voter Summit, year after year, reels in top Republican Senators, Governors, members of Congress, and every nominee or eventual nominee for the GOP presidential and vice presidential ticket (McCain, Palin, Romney, and Ryan have all spoken at VVS; in presidential election years, the whole GOP primary slate shows up to speak). How can we ignore that? And why should we?

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E.W. Jackson will never accept truth of marriage equality; reality remains blissfully independent of his blessing

by Jeremy Hooper

Speaking at the annual event that most ably drains moderate support from the Republican party, the Family Research Council's Values Voter Summit, one E.W. Jackson, the GOP's most recent nominee for Lieutenant Governor of the state of Virginia and man who has proudly insisted there's a direct connection between pedophilia and homosexuality, rallied the crowd by demanding that marriages between two men or two women will never be true. Here's the pertinent part, via RightWingWatch:

"The fact of the matter is they can call a union other than one man and one woman by any name they choose," Jackson proclaimed," but the reality is you can re-write a thousand dictionaries, you can put on a thousand TV shows, you can make a thousand headlines, you can have a thousand coming out parties, you can have a thousand politicians affirm the lie, but the truth will still stand and a thousand years from now, marriage will still be a union between one man and one woman because God ordained it so!"


Because you all remember that time we elected E.W. Jackson our overlord and truth arbiter, right? It was right around the time we all apparently chose to turn America into a theocracy.

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Video: Not-the-victims who own for-profit business still trying to justify unlawful discrimination

by Jeremy Hooper

The New York State Division of Human Rights laid out, in excessive detail, exactly why the Giffords engaged in unlawful discrimination against a pair of potential customers. But you know—facts. Laws. Fair business practices. Why should any of those things matter when there is a victim routine to perform?

The anti-gay Heritage Foundation helps the for-profit business owners carry on with the charade:

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Video: Freedom To Marry's new ad highlights our divided, unsustainable (discrimi)nation

by Jeremy Hooper

This ad will air during the Sunday political shows:

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NOM makes bold allegation about Oregon's Attorney General, promptly deletes it

by Jeremy Hooper

This bold claim no longer appears on NOM's blog. The anti-gay group (with no Oregon ties) deleted it just a short time after posting it:

[post was here]

Why the cold feet, NOM?


**A few more things: The AG's name is Rosenblum, not Rosenberg. And here are NOM's filings that they mention in the now-scrubbed post:

14-35427 Public Records Request Production by Equality Case Files

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