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In prep for Pope's 2015 visit, World Meeting of Families readies gay stigma, exclusion

by Jeremy Hooper

The Pope has already announced that he will travel to Philadelphia next September for the Catholic Church's 8th World Meeting of Families. And when he does, let's go ahead and make it perfectly clear: this supposedly new and different pontiff will be catering to yet another event that reduces gay people to "people with same-sex attractions," that equates our "struggles" with things like divorce, and that insists all we gay folk are capable of having are "chaste friendships."

Here are snippets from both the event's preparation packages and its lesson plans for students:

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 At 11.26.53 Am
Screen Shot 2014-11-24 At 11.26.05 Am
Screen Shot 2014-11-24 At 11.28.26 AmScreen Shot 2014-11-24 At 11.28.05 Am
Screen Shot 2014-11-24 At 11.25.05 Am
Parish Preparation Packet [World Meeting of Families]
High School Lesson Plan [World Meeting of Families]

Chaste friendships can be fun. For playing Clue. For grabbing a slice of pizza. For a nice game of badminton.

The human capacity for love, however, is different. And awesome. How dare you deny God of his creation as it exists rather than how you so militantly insist it must be?

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Today in ambition: NOM cofounder vows to fight marriage equality for 100 years

by Jeremy Hooper

This comes from Robert George, an author of the Bush era Federal Marriage Amendment and the cofounder of the National Organization For Marriage:

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 At 11.06.27 AmWe have to resolve that we will stand for marriage and fight for however long it takes—it might be 20 years, it might be 50 years, it might be 100 years—to rebuild the marriage culture and to restore in law, where it has been displaced, a sound understanding of marriage.

As a result of this, we will draw ridicule. We will bring scorn upon ourselves, because powerful people in institutions reject our understanding of marriage. They reject what everyone understood marriage to be until yesterday. And they claim that anyone who disagrees with them is a bigot, or a hater, or is motivated by irrational animus, or archaic religious beliefs. Yet we must suffer that, be willing to suffer that opprobrium, perhaps discrimination, perhaps the loss of friends, perhaps even conflict within the family, for the sake of rebuilding marriage, because so much for people depends on it, and especially for the poor.

R. George

Actually, R.G., I don't think you are going to "suffer" much of anything other than the loneliness that comes from the lack of an opponent and the embarrassment that stems from fighting a "culture war" thirty years after everyone has moved on. But hey, far be it from me to advise you on your retirement plan.

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Video: Mississippian who made soldier his lifestyle choice seeks freedom based on unchosen orientation

by Jeremy Hooper

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One of America's most anti-gay organizations rallies for the Duggars; because of course they would

by Jeremy Hooper

Over the past few years, TV's Duggar family has gone from reality television personalities who mostly keep their political lives separate from their public personas to a family that proudly pushes its beliefs into public policy. Eldest son Josh took a job with the extremely anti-LGBT and political Family Research Council, where he claims his lesbian aunt is "choosing a lifestyle" and leads rallies opposing marriage equality. Mom Michele has recorded robocalls advocating against LGBT nondiscrimination laws. And recently, when the family asked married couples to post photos of them kissing, the Duggars deleted any same-sex married couples who tried to participate. To name just a handful of the family's anti-gay activities (they also regularly show up at anti-LGBT conferences, campaign for anti-LGBT politicians, etc.).

Now the American Family Association, an organization that was founded on proud discrimination and that currently employs a chief analyst whose rabid comment bank is so unbelievable that the average person would probably assume its fiction, is rising to the family's defense. The AFA writes:

Imagegen.Ashx-1Rabid homosexual activists have made America’s favorite family enemy Number One.

The Duggar Family from TLC network’s
19 Kids and Counting has shared their strong Christian faith with millions of families across America for years. They are unashamedly pro-life and Christ-centered.

The Duggars are under a malicious attack
Because of their uncompromising stand on marriage and abstinence, the homosexual lobby has drawn a bully bead on Jim and Michelle Duggar. Gay activists are publicly labeling Jim and Michelle with words like “ignorance” and “fear mongering.”

In the past week, homosexuals launched a very frightening and fast-growing petition asking TLC to cancel 19 Kids and Counting. Already, their hate-filled petition has gathered 130,000 signatures, thanks to the liberal media’s propaganda machine.

Sign our petition to TLC
TLC needs to know you support the Duggars and 19 Kids and Counting! If TLC hears from enough Christians, they will not even consider canceling the show.

Our goal is 1,000,000 signatures by Christmas!

FULL: Support the Duggar Family! [AFA]

A few things.

(1) The AFA is the most boycott-happy organization going. The AFA boycotts companies for simply having an employee break room TV tuned to Modern Family. How hypocritical of them to act like the very act of rising up against a public entity which you find wrongheaded (and let's be clear: a reality TV show is not a right, but a business) is somehow out-of-line.

(2) I'm pretty sure it's the Duggars who have made "homosexual activists" the enemy. Sure, they wouldn't use that strong word (nor would I). But in terms of opposition, they are the ones who are telling American that LGBT rights and LGBT people are to be opposed. That is the only reason why there is a petition of any kind. The anti-LGBT folks love to forget the things they did to make the other thing follow.

(3) When you are one of the most homo-hostile organizations in America, it's actually not all that helpful when you stand up to defend someone against charges of homo-hostility. It's actually the opposite of helpful.

(4) If the Duggars are as "unashamed" about their views as AFA claims, then they should like this attention. They should stand by their anti-gay attitudes! They should own what they have done and said! If they're comfortable with more attention coming to these, the views that some of us recgonized many years ago, then there shouldn't be a problem here.

Well, at least not a problem for either the Duggars or for their critics. TLC might have its own view.

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Photo: Stop! Turn around! Don't let NOM force you onto the dead-end pier that is their cause!

by Jeremy Hooper

A family that (presumably) supports NOM walking toward a dead-end that ultimately culminates in an insurmountable ocean? It seems that the National Organization For Marriage has finally found the perfect image to "meme" their go-nowhere cause that's built, as it is, on exclusion and discrimination:

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 At 6.00.02 Pm

But don't worry. You're not lost forever, stock photo family (and especially children). Once you realize NOM has duped you with this myopic view of the world and its people, you can turn around and join all the rest of us on the firm ground of equality.

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One day, two country singers—zero closets

by Jeremy Hooper

We are everywhere, including in the once impenetrable world of country music:

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 At 6.08.38 Pm

Country Singer Ty Herndon: 'I'm an Out, Proud and Happy Gay Man' [Towle]

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 At 6.09.28 Pm

Country Singer Billy Gilman Comes Out as Gay: 'It's Time to Be Honest and Truthful' [Towle]

For years male country singers crooned about losing their wives, jobs, their dogs, their sobriety, their lack of incarceration, etc. Losing the shame of the closet would seem to be a perfect subject for country's new and largely unexplored leaf.

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Fringe pro-discrimination group thinks it can stop companies from sponsoring HRC event; adorable

by Jeremy Hooper

MassResistance, the anti-LGBT organization that has only seen LGBT rights grow in the Bay State the more they try to stop them, is now targeting Citizens Bank, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Staples, and CVS Health. These companies' major crime? Simply sponsoring the Human Rights' Campaign's Boston dinner.

Here is MassResistance's angry missive:

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 At 1.17.48 Pm

I'm not sure who, exactly, MassResistance's leaders think they are. But I guess I have to applaud them for adopting a moxy that far exceeds their political positioning and chances of success.

I just wonder what's next for the tiny organization. Demanding McDonald's stop selling hamburgers, perhaps?

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Video: Josh Duggar promoting civil inequality for thousands of grown kids (and counting)

by Jeremy Hooper

From yesterday's anti-gay rally in Little Rock, Arkansas. Speaker is reality TV personality Josh Duggar:

Um, Josh, when the Duggar family population swells large enough to form a sovereign nation, then you all can enact laws and ignore courts. But as long as you live in the United States of America, your votes on the civil rights of a minority population will, in fact, be met with court scrutiny.

Put into reality TV terms: You all can do whatever you want for the reality show cameras, but TLC can then step in and edit out what does not comply with network standards. Except with your show, we're only talking about the wacky antics that you and your sibling and maybe your friends in the Bates family share at the local salad bar. With marriage and civil rights, we're talking about people who pay the same taxes as you and Anna, but whom you think you should be free to subjugate because of your chosen religious faith.


*ALSO: Jerry Cox, the head of whatever Arkansas's big anti-gay group is called; I'm too bored to look ut up:

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