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Tony Perkins attacks President Obama for 'forcing' fed. contractors to 'tolerate abnormal sexual behavior'

by Jeremy Hooper

In a year-end fundraising pitch letter, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins doesn't just attack the president for his support of same-sex marriage. Tony takes it even further, demanding that mere tolerance for what he crudely demands to be "abnormal sexual behavior" is out-of-line in 2014 America:

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 At 11.58.32 Am

Abnormal, Tony? Funny since you've talked about on a near-daily basis for over a decade now. You may hate it—and you've made it quite clear that you do—but it seems to me that something that's prevalent enough to be on your tongue in a way that nothing else is must, at the very least, be part of the world's spectrum of normalcy.

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Video: Southern Baptist leader Russell Moore at #Humanum: Marriage equality undermines human flourishing, God, goodness

by Jeremy Hooper

More from that nastier-than-I-even-thought-it-would-be conference that's going on this week at the Vatican:

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#Humanum speaker accuses gay activists of hijacking civil rights movement; 'God will not be mocked!'

by Jeremy Hooper

Dr. Jacqueline C Rivers addressing a Pope-blessed conference at the Vatican:


According to Twitter, Rivers received the second standing ovation of the conference. But it's not anti-gay. Nu uh. No way.

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GLAAD: #Humanum at the Vatican: Courting inequality at expense of goodwill

by Jeremy Hooper
Cap Header Final 0-5

#Humanum at the Vatican: Courting inequality at expense of goodwill [GLAAD]

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Video: Vatican #Humanum event claims terms homosexuality, heterosexuality 'were created for political battles'

by Jeremy Hooper

I've written up my thoughts about Day One of the Vatican's big anti-gay event, The Complementarity of Man and Woman: An International Colloquium, which will be up later today. But in the meantime, here's the scene at Day Two, where participants (including Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown, Tony Perkins, Ryan T. Anderson and a whole host of anti-gay political activists) were greeted with a video that claims sexual orientation is nothing more than a political construct, followed by a lengthy clip of a gay man insisting that celibacy is the only option. Clip is cued:

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Social conservatives vow to further divide GOP with outdated 'culture war': Rob Portman edition

by Jeremy Hooper

One of the big stories of the recent midterms is how anti-gay groups like the National Organization For Marriage played a role in helping elect pro-equality Democrats by waging war against moderate Republicans in a few key races. NOM has already announced plans to do the same in Ohio in 2016, when pro-equality Republican US Senator Rob Portman comes up for reelection (or runs for president). Some locals are already signing on to the idea:

Still, former supporters like Lori Viars, a political organizer in southwest Ohio who said she has worked on every one of Portman’s campaigns, said the senator’s “influence to promote gay marriage” means she will never again support him -- even if it increases the likelihood of Democratic victory.

“I will not cross that moral line to vote for him,” she said.

Viars is helping to lead the charge to find a conservative candidate to defeat Portman. She is hoping to coordinate with the National Organization for Marriage and other national groups to pool resources. Viars, who serves on the central and executive committees of the Warren County Republican Party, said social conservatives are well organized and could move enough votes for Portman to lose a GOP primary decided by a smaller, more conservative electorate.

FULL: Gay Marriage Foes Yet to Prove Formidable Threat to Rob Portman [NBC News]

It's such a funny plan. They really seem to think that marriage inequality is something sustainable. They don't realize that the vast majority of Republicans will support marriage equality in ten years time, if not before.

But in the meantime, these militant anti-equality conservatives will only continue to help drive that wedge and put more pro-equality Democrats in office. If they didn't already exist, Democrats might want to create them.

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In accusing HRC of 'war on Christians,' American Family Association reveals own desire (need?) to fight

by Jeremy Hooper

The Human Rights Campaign has launched new initiatives to talk to and with Christians in the southern United States. "A war on Christians," demands the American Family Association:

“There is a war against the Bible in America and a war to marginalize the millions of Americans who believe the Bible,” said AFA President Tim Wildmon. “HRC is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in outside monies to undermine what Scripture teaches and to insult, denigrate and target those who hold to Scripture. For an organization that claims tolerance, HRC employs deceptive tactics and outright lies to attack those who respectfully disagree with them. This is hardly tolerance.”

The Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest homosexual activist organization, has begun running television ads in Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas. Named “Project One America,” the ad campaign is out to change the minds of individuals regarding the nature of homosexuality.

“AFA will not be fooled by this campaign to normalize homosexuality in the southern states,” Wildmon added. “And we hope others won’t be fooled either. The ads are deceptive and meant to mislead. It’s never OK to bully, harass or physically assault homosexual individuals. These ads tell outright lies claiming Bible-believers favor such hateful and violent practices. When you have to lie to make your case, it’s a clear indication your case is devoid of truth.”

FULL: American Family Association: Human Rights Campaign Declares War on Christians [AFA]

What does this "war" look like? Well, here. See if you can stand the harsh realities of armed conflict:

Obviously these efforts are anything but a war. Even the everyday person who disagrees with LGBT rights has to admit as much.

But that's the thing: Nothing we can say or do will ever be good enough for a group like the AFA. Simply saying "gay Christians are a thing" or reminding folks that supportive and affirming people of faith do, in fact, exist is, to a radical special interest group like the AFA, and act of aggression. "War, even.

So gross.

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Matt Barber: Scott Lively's critics are 'enemies of God'

by Jeremy Hooper

Scott Lively's work and rhetoric has been so over-the-top that even his own movement doesn't really support him. Even like a Family Research Council or a National Organization For Marriage would never hold him up as a team member since they know his actions are so often out of line and his engagement so drained of pragmatism.

But according to Matt Barber, it's Lively's critics who are really out of touch. In fact, we're all "enemies of God":

Lively loves those who seek to defend him just as he loves those who seek to destroy him – and, make no mistake about it, precisely because Pastor Scott Lively has chosen to both obey and emulate Jesus Christ, there are people, very powerful people, who seek to destroy him. These people, unless and until they come to know, accept and surrender to the Lord Jesus, are, and will remain, enemies of God.

In this same column, Matt frames AIDS as a "natural consequence of unnatural acts." So if opposing rhetoric like his and Scott's makes me God's enemy, then I am going to human ask the man upstairs to reconsider his priorities and/or selection of teammates.

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Video: Pro-exclusion video from Vatican's anti-gay #Humanum conference

by Jeremy Hooper

This is the kind of thing that this supposedly frank and refreshing new Pope and Vatican are showing invited guests (Rick Warren! Maggie Gallagher! Russell Moore!) at this week's anti-equality conference in Rome:

But hey, at least they aren't trying to impose these personally-held religious views on other people's civil rights.

Oh wait a minute...

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At least three NOM personalities at Vatican #Humanum conference

by Jeremy Hooper

People keep telling me that this Pope is new and different and more accepting. Only thing? Just this morning, at the big marriage and family conference currently underway in Rome, he gave a whole speech about marriage being only one man and one woman and how his peeps need to resist any other form. And at this conference with a relatively small collection of global advocates, no less that three National Organization For Marriage personalities managed to score invites:

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 At 10.23.01 Am
NOM cofounder Maggie Gallagher:
Screen Shot 2014-11-17 At 10.26.06 Am

Yes, I know Pope Francis has given some softer-toned talks about judgement and whatnot. But as long as he holds soirees wherein he invites leaders of political special interests designed for the sole purpose of stopping and, in their ideal world, rolling back civil marriage rights, I'm not going to hail this guy as some sort of progressive hero. At the end of the day, he is still at "culture war" against my marriage. My home. My family.

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