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Video: Reality star Josh Duggar leads sad little inequality rally in Little Rock, AR

by Jeremy Hooper

From Little Rock's ABC affiliate, KATV:

KATV - Breaking News, Weather and Razorback Sports

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READ: Federal judge strikes Montana's discriminatory marriage ban

by Jeremy Hooper

Noting that his decision might not be popular with all but that civil rights are not a popularity contest, US District Judge Brian Morris (who once served as a Supreme Court clerk for very conservative Chief Justice William Rehnquist) today brought Montana over onto history's right side. Ruling takes effect immediately:

Montana Same-Sex Marriage Decision by jsnow489

Montana's Republican Attorney General, Tim Fox, has vowed to appeal the ruling. Or at least give it a really nasty look. Or something. It's unclear at press time.

In the meantime, a hearty congrats to Montana residents. Marriage is fantastic; enjoy it responsibly.

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Major global brand P&G comes out for marriage equality

by Jeremy Hooper

Huge development in the corporate world:

For the first time in its history, Procter & Gamble is openly supporting same-sex marriage.

The Cincinnati-based consumer products giant says it embraced gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees for more than 20 years. Now, the company says same-sex marriage has become an important enough issue to its workers that it is taking a public stand.
FULL: P&G publicly supports same-sex marriage [Cincinnati Enquirer]

We have Apple, Google, Facebook, PNG, General Mills, Starbucks, and countless other global brands on our side. They have a chicken chain and a couple of reality TV families.

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In 2013, HRC went red for equality; NOM just went in the red

by Jeremy Hooper

Despite 2013 being a monumental year in the marriage fight, the organization tasked to fight us on the other side had a terrible time raising funds, with over half coming from just two major donors. The Human Rights Campaign has the details on why NOM fundraising pitches have been turning noticeably desperate:

NOM raised $5.1 million in 2013, dropping by over 50% since 2012. Just 2 donors accounted for more than half of the organization’s funding
NOM CRATERS: Funding for Anti-LGBT National Organization For Marriage Drops by Over 50% [HRC]

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Meanwhile, on the right side of history and inevitability...

by Jeremy Hooper
SOUTH CAROLINA: First Gay Wedding Takes Place After Judge Issues Licenses [J.M.G.]

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WHOA! Mark Regnerus made the #Humanum conference videos?!

by Jeremy Hooper

A few months back, I played a clip where Mark Regnerus of the infamously shoddy study that hoped to discredit gay parents mentioned he was filming videos around the world. Today, Baptist writer and activist Denny Burk answers the question of what videos he was filming:

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 At 11.18.28 Am
[Denny Burk]
(h/t: Str8Grandmother)

Yes, that's right: He was filming those anti-gay videos that I have been showing you all week. You know, the ones from the pointedly discriminatory Vatican conference that has been going on for the past three days? Those anti-gay, propagandistic clips come courtesy of the very same man who tried to sway the public with an anti-gay, propagandistic study.

What a truly bizarre choice. Like almost too bizarre to be believed, frankly. It seems that the Vatican isn't only courting "culture war"—it's begging for one


*UPDATE: Burk has now scrubbed his article of the line mentioning Mark Regnerus! I've written to ask why.

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Video: #Humanum closing video goes after France's civil marriage law; because theocracy, apparently

by Jeremy Hooper

The closing video from the Vatican colloquium that has proven to the world that this Pope is not quite the LGBT rights change agent that some wanted him to be, the major focus is on the religious-driven movement in France to roll back the country's civil marriage law. Because marriage equality discriminates against children, goes the claim that is deeply offensive to children of gays, gay children, and countless others:

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AFA's Fischer links Bill Cosby sexual assault allegations to homosexuality

by Jeremy Hooper

No one is as good at making clumsy and offensive links as the American Family Association's truly obsessed Issues Analyst:

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 At 10.36.27 Am
[AFA's Bryan Fischer]

Yup, that's right: to the man that one of America's leading anti-LGBT group employs as its chief issues analyst, allegations of sexual assault are just like the valid, benign, most likely inborn sexual orientations of millions of human beings. By simply being gay, Bryan insists that we gay folk start out on the same moral plan as someone who (allegedly/theoretically) violated another person against his or her will.

Stay classy, social conservatism.

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GLAAD: #Humanum Day Two: How many ways can you dismiss gay lives?

by Jeremy Hooper
Cap Header Final 0-5

#Humanum Day Two: How many ways can you dismiss gay lives? [GLAAD]

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Tony Perkins attacks President Obama for 'forcing' fed. contractors to 'tolerate abnormal sexual behavior'

by Jeremy Hooper

In a year-end fundraising pitch letter, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins doesn't just attack the president for his support of same-sex marriage. Tony takes it even further, demanding that mere tolerance for what he crudely demands to be "abnormal sexual behavior" is out-of-line in 2014 America:

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 At 11.58.32 Am

Abnormal, Tony? Funny since you've talked about on a near-daily basis for over a decade now. You may hate it—and you've made it quite clear that you do—but it seems to me that something that's prevalent enough to be on your tongue in a way that nothing else is must, at the very least, be part of the world's spectrum of normalcy.

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