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NOM president joins NARTH's VP of operations at Utah conference

by Jeremy Hooper

Brian Brown is the president of the National Organization For Marriage, the national group that pretends it is focused on policy rather than personal animus toward LGBT people. David Pruden is the VP of Operations at NARTH, an organization that unapologetically pushes the idea that gay people can and should "change" their sexual orientations through scientifically discredited therapy efforts.

The two men are right next to each other on the bill for a "family" conference that will be held in Provo, UT, later this week:

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 At 11.37.32 Am
[Stand For Family Conference]

Of course these two are rubbing shoulders. Their agendas have always been one in the same.

This Utah conference fully admits that it is against "distorted ideas about human sexuality" and that it wants to take on "the issue of same-sex attraction." It's time for NOM to come on out the closet and admit that it is not just a "protect marriage" group. That game is over.

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'Yahoo! News' notes NOM's shocking turn toward global extremism

by Jeremy Hooper

201407282146 Just last week, National Organization For Marriage president Brian Brown was back in Russia stirring the pot against LGBT rights. A great new report from Yahoo! News, which builds off work from the Human Rights Campaign (for whom I first revealed NOM's plans to launch an International Organization For Marriage), makes note of the American anti-equality organization's quickly accumulating passport stamps and the overall global trend of their associated movement:

[Brian] Brown is just one of many in the American “traditional marriage” movement who are aggressively pushing their message abroad now that they face an increasingly tough sell at home. In so doing, he is making common cause with foreign activists whose anti-gay rights crusades are more robust—and more resoundingly successful—than America’s homegrown one. Among them are Americans who actively worked behind the scenes to support the passage of Russia’s law preventing gay people from adopting, as well as Uganda’s law that punishes homosexuality with up to a lifetime in prison.
FULL: America's gay marriage battle goes global [Yahoo! News]

It's been pretty startling to track NOM's trajectory. This was an organization that, in the beginning, was nothing if not pragmatic. Its minders carefully protected its image and messaging so as to no seem like an animus-driven organization on par with all the other anti-LGBT groups. That jig is very fully up. In other nations, they are not only fighting against marriage equality but against basic welfare for LGBT people. They can't accomplish that here, so they are doing what other careless people have long done: they are acting out while on vacation.

My big question, though: "Why would any nation turn to an organization with so much loss on its record?" It's kind of like asking the Kardashians for advice on how twenty-first century Americans are able to keep family matters so private.

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Anti-gay American Family Association claims the discriminatory business owner is our modern-day Hester Prynne

by Jeremy Hooper

We all know that the anti-LGBT activists have made a movement-wide choice to pretend that those who are called out for their attempts to discriminate are the real victims and that the citizens who suffered the embarrassing, unfair, and unlawful denial of service as the bullies. And we all know why: it's because they are now very much on the defensive in the larger conversation and need some way to shirk responsibility for the harms that they favor.

What's funny is watching the ways they try to sell that narrative to a public that, outside of their own echo chambers, is really not buying any of it. In a new piece for the American Family Association's monthly magazine, writer Teddy James uses the conceit of Nathaniel Hawthorne's famous novel The Scarlet Letter, demanding that business owners who have attempted to flout nondiscrimination laws so that they would not have to service gay couples are the modern-day victims of a Prynne-like witch hunt. And of course in his telling, these owners weren't doing anything wrong (heaven's no!). They were simply standing for their beliefs, natch:

In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s magnum opus, The Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynne is forced to wear a scarlet A on her clothing as a public declaration of her sin, adultery. Modern America has a new scarlet letter – I, for intolerant. Intolerance is the great cultural sin of our day, and many are forced to wear the scarlet I not because they were objectively wrong, but because they stood for their beliefs.

KEEP READING: Conviction Costs [AFA Journal]

I suspect misappropriation, literary and otherwise, will be a big part of the futures of groups like the AFA. The tale, as written, is certainly not going their way, and they demand that it MUST. They were promised, after all. 201409121926Because they were born winners, don't you know? They have all the answers. They know better than the rest of us. They've been telling us that for decades.

And now that fewer and fewer are listening? Well, you know what they say about desperate times.

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Focus on the Family fundraising at intersection of self-centeredness and anti-gayness

by Jeremy Hooper

You all, homosexuality is personal to the anti-gay activists at Focus on the Family. Here, let them tell you all about it in a Friday afternoon attempt to raise funds off the fallacious and offensive idea that gay people can and should "leave" their sexual orientations:


A few things:

  • Cool stock photo of a man with his back to us. We were totally going to trust scientific consensus, the sweeping majority view of actual gay people who know what it's like to actually be gay, and the common sense surrounding the topic of sexual orientation. But then we saw that guy walking away and we were all like, "well I guess that stock model is going, so I'll go too!" (Said no one).
  • I love that they have trademarked "Thriving Values." When I first started wiring about this stuff, we LGBT writers would sometimes put a snarky ™ or ® symbol after some of the anti-gay right's hackneyed phrases as a way to mock the forced seizure and unwittingly hilarious overuse of such phrases. Glad to see they are now doing that for us.
  • Cute how they, in a very self-absorbed fashion, act like it's personal to them. Oh really, Focus on the Family? Because I'm pretty sure that you all actually do have a choice as to whether or not you want to focus on homosexuality. And your choice, sadly, is to go to "culture war" against those who do not have a choice in the matter. Get over yourselves and then get a new hobby.
  • And finally: the "ex-gay" stuff is, always was, and always will be a complete and utter sham. A really shameful one, too. That is why more and more former "ex-gay" activists are speaking out against it every day, and why even Republican governors like Chris Christie (R-NJ) are banning it. You all double down on this ignoble lie at your own organizational peril.

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Count the lies in this Values Voter Summit description

by Jeremy Hooper

This is a writeup for a breakout session that will be held in two weeks at the Family Research Council's Values Voter Summit:

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 At 12.05.30 Pm
[VV Summit]

#1: It's not just "the left" that believes marriage equality is inevitable. Prominent activists who were on the front lines of the "protect marriage" fight, like Maggie Gallagher and Jennifer Roback Morse, have admitted that fifty-state marriage equality is inevitable.

#2: The four most recent marriage votes have gone for equality, not discrimination. So no, you cannot rightly say that "the American people continue to support [marriage inequality] with their votes" or...

#3: ..."their actions," either, when you consider how much same-sex marriage is now a part of our culture. When it was the plot line for the season finale of the top-rated Modern Family, viewers didn't revolt—they tuned in. To name one example.

#4: No, polling does not show "a strong majority of voters continues to believe that marriage can only be between one man and one woman." That is an abject lie. All credible polling from the last few years shows a majority of Americans supporting marriage equality.

#5: With lower court after lower court going against the constitutionality of state marriage bans and DOMA already dismantled at the Supreme Court, it is not a "very real possibility" that the high Court is going to allow state to continue to deny same-sex couples. It's a possibility, sure, since we can't ever know the court's thinking until they reveal it. But it's illogical to believe that this same court that went with us last year is going to go against us next year, particularly when you consider how much has happened in the interim. The "very real possibility," like the future in general, belongs to marriage equality.

But have a nice panel, fellas.

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Video: If nothing else will get you to 'Ex-gay Awareness Dinner' then this will—not do the trick either

by Jeremy Hooper

Last year's "Ex-gay Awareness Month" was known best for being a total bust. But if at first you don't succeed, make a really cheesy promo that strategically avoids showing the small crowd:

Aware that anti-gay conservatives like Mat Staver and Harry Jackson support the "ex-gay" movement because it plays into the "love the sinner, hate the sin" view that they use to detach their activism from the actual human beings they harm? We're actually all aware of that, kiddos.

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Video: Bill Donohue on early '90s gay 'animals' and their 'Nazi-like invasions'

by Jeremy Hooper

Extreme anti-gay activist Bill Donohue is all over the media right now stomping his feet about the New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade's decision to allow one LGBT group to march (for now) in next year's parade. In order to sell his narrative, Donohue has implied that gay people can't be trusted to march in such parades because gay people can't be trusted to keep their clothes on. Now, to further "prove" his point, Donohue is relying on some personal photos of gay "animals" that he's apparently held onto for twenty years now. Oh, and he's also attacking legendary LGBT activist Ann Northrop for her "Nazi-like" efforts to make the Catholic church pay attention to AIDS.

Clip is cued:

How many St Patrick's Day organizers in New York are secretly thrilled to finally distance themselves from this guy and his agenda? I'm thinking many.

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Video: Two dads + four kids = one representation of Florida's many denied, discriminated against families

by Jeremy Hooper

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Survey: Catholic leadership's never-ending attacks on gay people's peace is regressing church's acceptance levels

by Jeremy Hooper

Earlier today, I showed you how Chicago's Archbishop is now equating the accommodation of LGBT consumers in the public square with forced Sharia Law. And you surely know how Bishops across the nation are essentially now de facto political activists who voice strong opposition to marriage equality (in some states, Catholic leadership has essentially guided the anti- side's marriage campaigns), employment nondiscrimination laws, and just about any civil policy that would make LGBT people's lives more fair and more equal. Plus you probably also know how many of the top voices on the other side (NOM, Ryan Anderson, Maggie Gallagher, Robert George, etc.) are devout Catholics whose faith is the obvious root of their pushes for discrimination in the public (as in secular) sector.

So consider these new findings through that lens and you might gets some answers:

Overall acceptance of gays and lesbians in American religious congregations rose significantly between 2006 and 2012, but it declined in Catholic congregations, according to a new survey.
FULL: Survey: Congregations More Accepting of Gays [AP]

Historically, everyday Catholics have been among out best allies within the faith world. It's truly sad to see what the US leadership's decision to prioritize this subtly vicious (but vicious—let's be clear) fight against our rights is doing to that support base. It is a propaganda campaign of the highest order. I suspect it will be looked back upon with deep regret.

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GLAAD: Anti-LGBT activist wishes US punished LGBT people by life imprisonment, just like Uganda and Gambia

by Jeremy Hooper
Cap Header Final 0-5

Anti-LGBT activist wishes the US punished LGBT people by life imprisonment, just like Uganda and Gambia[GLAAD]

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