A few comments about comments:

-Comments are no longer pre-moderated. For years I, Jeremy, moderated them for one reason and one reason only: So that I could read every one and interact with readers. But I have a new setup that no longer makes this necessary. So no more lag time, which is a big "yay!" for everyone.

-Since G-A-Y began comments in early 2007, there have only been a handful (other than comment spam) that were deleted. The reasons? Well, in one instance it was because that particular person chose to do nothing more than write the word "C*NT" approximately 500 times -- so that was lame. In another, someone made a literal death threat against someone else -- that wasn't good. Particularly overheated and counterproductive situations like these are the only reason why this site would ever place limits on speech (and even then it's a debate). No casual disagreement, opinion, or viewpoint is ever disallowed simply because I don't agree with its merits. In fact, the dissenters often contribute the most productive comments.

-If your comment doesn't appear within a reasonable amount of time, please let me know. Oversight is always a possibility. So are overactive spam filters.

Other than that, have fun! Support the post or challenge it. Make this writer make me laugh or make me angry. Mostly, make me think. The mic is yours.

**NOTE: There are, however, some extremely rare instances that can get you banned from commenting altogether. This includes, but is not limited to, the deliberate dissemination of libelous information. Again, it's only happened once or twice -- but it is not outside the realm of possibility.