1. What the hell is this?
Good As You is an organization dedicated to eliminating anti-gay bias in society. Discrimination makes us cry, so we've made it a mission to hold all media outlets/ organizations/ public figures accountable for such language or actions. Our message is positive and peaceful, with a tone that gives our adversaries a gentle ribbing, not a swift kick to the nether regions.

2. Why “Good As You?”
Well, Good As You…G-A-Y…get it? But our name is more than just a convenient acronym, it is the message that influences our every action. We see our 'mo-ness as a non-issue with which we do not define ourselves. None of us at G-A-Y ever “came out” as gay, lesbian, straight, bi, or trans. We view our sexuality as one part of our complex beings and are unapologetically striving for the day when it will be as much a factor as eye color. We didn't choose either and are quite fond of both.

3. Well I'm not gay..Can I still get involved?

Oh God no...ugh....

We kid ya -- PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get involved! We strive to include everyone, regardless of sexuality. We don't view this whole civil rights shebang as a gay/ straight thing, but rather as a right/wrong, fair/unjust, kind/cruel sort of thing.

4. I know something about someone who said something nasty about someone who is gay, but nobody can know I told you…what do I do?
Your privacy is of utmost importance. Unless you request to be directly involved, we will never reveal you as a source of sensitive information. That being said, if you send us an email telling us we're going to hell or something along those lines, we're very likely to post it -- so make sure you proofread. All information/ tips can be sent to [email protected]

5. I work in the entertainment industry and I have PROOF that a certain celebrity is gay. Will you "out" them for me?
Never under any circumstances do we delve into gossip regarding one's sexuality. We will not knowingly perpetuate a lie on behalf of a public figure, but we also do not speculate about one's proclivity for their own gender. We admit that we are no stranger to the guilty pleasure sport of gossiping, but that is not the goal of this site. For celebrity/media chit chat and whatnot, we highly recommend the Gawker properties.

6. Are you affiliated with any other gay rights organizations like GLAAD or HRC?
We aren't affiliated with any other organization, but are in support of all groups seeking a society devoid of this ridiculous "acceptance of inequality" thing. Each group uses their own methods and practices, but we are all (seemingly) fighting for the same cause.

7. Where is the naked boy ass, hard sex, and lesbian porn?
Not here, kiddies. While booby and schlongy eye candy would certainly increase traffic and attention, that's not what this site is about.

8. I’m a journalist and would like to write a piece on Good As You. Where can I send press requests?

Why you brilliant newshound who knows a good thing when you see it, you can send all press requests to [email protected]. You little sweetheart, you.
Good As You
Good As You

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