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Love Rocks!

by Jeremy Hooper

 Images Homepage Cd The Baptist News has their knickers in a twist over a forthcoming "Love Rocks" CD being released by the Human Rights Campaign.  The album features artists like Mandy Moore, Dolly Parton, and Yoko Ono singing their tolerant little hearts out, with proceeds benefiting the HRC.

Well BP News is having none of it, declaring those involved in the album as "taking sides in a cultural battle."  The article features an interview with a militant "ex-gay," who denounces homosexual love as...ya know what? We just ate, so in interest of our gag reflex we won't go on.  Read the article if you want to see what the "ex-gay" has to say.

In response to the HRC's album, the Traditional Conservative Coalition to Protect Values of Children and Families in Defense of the Gay Agenda has planned their own album, of which we at G-A-Y have obtained an advanced copy:

Well at least they are finally saying that they truly mean.

Look for that CD's first single, "Faith, Values, and Bigotry," to hit the airwaves this Spring.

Dolly Parton, others compile CD benefiting homosexual group [bpnews.net]
'Love Rocks' Press Release[HRC.org]

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