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Beep, beep...The 'Truth Trucks' are back!

by Jeremy Hooper

The top story in today's Appeal-Democrat newspaper of Marysville California, is a recount of a speech made last night by "pro-family" muckety-muck Randy Thommason, who was giggin' at the Best Western Bonanza Inn motel. Geez, somebody needs a new agent!

Judging by the paper's coverage of the shindig, it seems Randy gave one of the standard "judges suck, gays are out to destroy the world, discrimination is a family value" type of speech that are par for the course for those of his ilk.


What really peaked our interest was the news that our old buddies at "Gay Marriage No!" were out once again, spreading intolerance through crudely constructed mobile bigotry units called 'Truth Trucks' (see pic. above). We thought they had gotten our message and parked those things for good, but apparently we were wrong, wrong, wrong.

For those who haven't been keeping up,

We initially rolled out the "Uni for Unity" back in December. It wasn't enough.

Next was the "Anti-Bigotry Bigwheel." But they apparently weren't scared.

So now they have left us no choice. We must now break out the latest and greatest in mobile counter-bigotry technology, as to finally put an end to the reign of terror that is the 'Truth Trucks.'

So without further adieu, lads and lassies, we give you the Good As You "Pogo for No-Go on Banning Gay Marriage"

Oh yea. Those rowdy punks are gonna know we mean business when they see us hopping up on the back of one of these mo-fo's.

Family values hot YC topic [Appeal-Democrat.com]

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