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Baldacci moves to eliminate homo-gay discri-Maine-ation

by Jeremy Hooper

 Maine Gov. John Baldacci today signed into law a long-awaited and much-debated bill that will outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Which is good, because discrimination smells like feces. Unfortunately, all to many embrace the stench.

Case in point: Our former ice-dancing partners at the Christian Civic League of Maine have announced plans to try and undo the peaceful piece of legislation. It may sound like crazy talk, that an organization could remove such a law - but it ain't. If the crew and their cronies can gather 50,519 voter signatures within the next 90 days, then they will be able to force a vote on the measure in the November elections. If Maine voters then vote against the law, the whole shebang is invalidated.

But let's not think about that. For now, let's hold on to victory.

Baldacci declares ┬┤proud day┬┤ as he signs gay rights bill into law [AP via MaineToday.com]

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