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Now they're attacking us via manifesto?!

by Jeremy Hooper

Today at 1:30pm (EST), "pro-family" nitwits from the Howard Center for Family, Religion, and Society will present a plan of action to combat gay marriage, which they have charmingly titled The Natural Family: A Manifesto.

JacobsLarry Jacobs, vice president of the Howie Center says the 36-page outline for the elimination of all things fruity is "intended to serve as the catalyst for a revival to restore family and faith as guides to our lives."

Right, Larry. By any chance is nerve gassing a Celine Dion concert part of that catalyst? We really shouldn't be giving them ideas...

According to the Howie Center's press flack, the authors of the modern day mini Mein Kampf have "devoted decades to developing, refining and articulating the case for a family-centered society."

Ten bucks says the actual document only took about twenty minutes, with the rest of the time spent thinking up ways to say "we hate homo-gays and wish to wipe them off the face of the planet" without sounding cold-blooded.

If you would like to hear the professionally bigoted attempt to justify hate, the press conference will be webcast here. Should be good for a laugh.

Press Release [US Newswire]

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