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Indianapolis City-County Council defeats ordinance to ban 'mo discrimination

by Jeremy Hooper

Supported Discrimination: Ron Gibson, Virginia Cain, Sherron Franklin, Isaac Randolph, Steve Talley, Marilyn Pfisterer, James, Bradford, Patrice Abduallah, Bob Cockrum, Scott Schneider, Mary Moriarty Adams, Dr. Philip Borst, Lynn McWhirter, N. Susie Day, Mike Speedy, Earl Salisbury, Lincoln Plowman, Lance Langsford

Rejected Discrimination: Rozelle Boyd, Vernon Brown, Greg Bowes, Lonnell Conley, Joanne Sanders, Jackie Nytes, Dane Mahern, Scott Keller, William Oliver, Angela Mansfield

Council rejects plan to protect rights of gay [IndyStar.com]

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