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Junior Anti-Gay Journalism

by Jeremy Hooper

According to the NY Daily News, an anti-gay article in the student newspaper at Brooklyn's Science Skills Center High School has sent the students and staff into a tizzy. The HS article in question suggests mocking gay students, the way one might tease an overweight classmate. That's sweet.

The Daily News quotes the mini-paper as saying:

"Friends telling you you're fat and teasing you over and over leads you to look at yourself in disgust and you exercise or diet to get down to a size that's comfortable for you. The same could be said for gays."

Dirty youth of America. We blame Ashlee Simpson.

The junior article goes on to suggest that in order to determine whether a fellow male student is a homo-gay, watch a muscular man-filled sporting event with said fruity classmate, and see if he becomes aroused. Of course that probaby won't work, as the homo-gay in question will likely just say "Girl, let's see what else is on. Try Lifetime."

The staff of the high school are said to be meeting today to discuss the homophobic article. We, of course, will keep ya posted.

Gay diatribe is no joke [NY Daily News]

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