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Outvite.com: From "the Gipper" to the gays

by Jeremy Hooper

    Do you ever ask yourself, "Self, what happened to the company that printed Ronald Reagan's 1980 inaugural invitations?"

If you're anything like us, the question has probably plagued you for years. So imagine our surprise when we learned that that the CEO of that outfit has morphed the family stationary business into OutVite.com, a company that designs, manufactures and sells invitations, announcements and stationery products for the gay and lesbian community.

So why did the company make the hop, skip, and extra-large leap from "the Gipper" to the gays? CEO Micah Chase says:

"Our family is Jewish. When my father and grandfather started in the stationery business more than 50 years ago, there were plenty of people who didn't want to do business with us simply because of our religion. The parallel of our history to our entering the gay and lesbian market is striking and convincing. It is not only good business, but the right thing to do."

Well said. We're sure Ronnie would agree.

Or at least Ron Jr.

Keeping it in the Family: One Company's Approach to the Gay Wedding Market [Release via PRNewswire]

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