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ACLU files brief, but it's still too lengthy for us due to our raging ADD. Wait, "briefs" aren't necessarily short reads? Damn. Law's hard.

by Jeremy Hooper

AcluThe ACLU filed a brief today on behalf of 13 New York same-sex couples who are seeking the opportunity to get hitched in the Empire State. The brief, which asks the NY appeals court to strike down the law that bars homo-gay couples from marriage, has the support of over 145 religious leaders, as well as organizations such as the American Psychological Association, The National Organization of Women, and People For the American Way.

Oral arguments in the case are expected to begin in October, so that gives us 4.5 months to get one of those "activist judges" that we've heard so much about appointed to the bench. Scour the city, NY 'mos.

ACLU Urges New York Appeals Court to End Unfairness Against Gay Couples in Marriage [ACLU Press Release]

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