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Happy Anniversary, Mass. 'mo marriage!

by Jeremy Hooper

   Today is the one year anniversary of gay marriage being legalized in the grand state of Massachusetts, so we wanted to do something super special for the big day. We decided to put pen to paper -- or rather finger to key -- and peck out a little poem to express our true feelings on this momentous occasion. Enjoy the masterpiece of poe-tray.

Massachusetts you've had quite the big year,
Since the day that you married your very first queer.
Thousands of your 'mos have decided to get hitched,
While hundreds of naysayers just moaned and bitched.
Destruction of society, the "pro-family" types did warn,
But your happiness outshone the anti-gay scorn.
So on your big day, a year older and wiser,
Happy Anniversary gay marriage, we got you this visor:


Happy Anniversary, Massachusetts. We love you!

In Massachusetts, gay weddings are now routine; Growing acceptance of same-sex nuptials on first anniversary [SF Chronicle]

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