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Mrs. Maine lending name to anti-gay effort?

by Jeremy Hooper

   ********We have been contacted by Mrs. Maine, who says she was tricked into signing this petition, and that the Christian Civic League of Maine used her photo without her approval. We'v also been contacted by Paul Madore (who is pictured with Mrs. Maine) who claims that pageant queen is the one not telling the truth. We are leaving this entry intact for reference sake, but please also see this updated entry in which Mrs. Maine presents her side of the story, as well as this entry in which Paul Madore responds***********

To your left you will see what is, according to the Christian Civic League of Maine, Mrs. Maine International 2005 signing a petition to overturn the state's recently passed law banning gay discrimination. In full tiara and sash, no less!

Years of gay male support for her lifestyle choice, and this is the thanks she gives back?! It's just rude!

Of course if that faux-blonde frizz residing on her head is any indication, she certainly does support discriminating against gays in the field of hair care. No homo stylist worth their weight in pomade would take credit for that coif.

But that's mean. We're sure she's a very nice person with very lovely hair, just temporarily misguided and windblown.

Photos by Isaac Madore [CCL Maine]

UPDATE: Maine anti-gays get their sigs [G-A-Y]

***************Mrs. Maine attempts to clear her good name [G-A-Y]*********
Anti-gay side responds to Mrs Maine's claims [G-A-Y]*************

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