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...for all that hockey hullabaloo, and now gay marriage too...

by Jeremy Hooper

   It looks as if Canada is on the fast track to becoming the third world nation to fully legalize gay marriage, due to legislation passed in the House of Commons on Tuesday. The legislation is next expected to easily pass through the Senate and become the law of the land by the end of July.

Now that's what I'm talkin' aboot!

For Canda's gays this means a right to join in legal union with the one that they truly love. For U.S. "pro-family" groups , this means a reinforced view of Sinada as that kooky progressive attic to their grand palace of false compassion and hypocrisy. They're glad it's there for purposes of storage, yet find most of its contents have no use in their daily lives.

As for us, we've always found a kitschy Greg Brady-inspired attic pad a very desirable prospect. We love our comfy ground floor residence and know it has a ton of potential, but unfortunately the landlord and co-op board just don't seem to care for us. We really don't want to move, but one more bullsh*t amendment to our lease and we just might have to flee to higher ground.

Canada Lawmakers Approve Gay Marriage Bill [AP via Yahoo! News]

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