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Falwell to feed Oreo craving with "non-Krafty" cookie options

by Jeremy Hooper

   Jerry "anti-gay before anti-gay was cool" Falwell has jumped onto the Kraft-banning bandwagon, urging readers of his National Liberty Journal to support efforts to bully the mac & cheese gurus into pulling their support for the 2006 Gay Games. Kraft has contributed $25,000 to Gay Games VII, prompting the American Family Association to ignite the boycotting flame back in May. Other "pro-family" groups have since boarded the "eat Velveeta, support Satan" caboose, and Fallwell is now encouraging even more of the religious right to step in and fight da' gay.

Jer' says in the National Liberty Journal:

Multiple millions of Americans who loyally purchase Kraft products have a right to express their opinion on the company’s decision to link itself with the Gay Games. These people have a right to say, ‘If Kraft insists on sponsoring the Gay Games, I will be compelled to seek alternative brands at the grocery store’"

We're hearing rumors that a group of "pro-family" food and beverage makers are planning on further decrying the gays through their own line of "alternative Kraft products," a couple of which we have obtained for a first look:


Meanies. Thankfully Kraft is refusing to bow to anti-gay pressure, so gays and all others who detest hate: F**k your figures, Velveeta, Chips Ahoy!, and Jell-O are our new best friends.

Falwell urges boycott of Kraft [Crain's Chicago Business]

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