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Groups request 'Sorry' from Perry; Perry said to prefer 'Clue'

by Jeremy Hooper

rick perryThe Servicemembers Legal Defense Network and the Lesbian and Gay Rights Lobby of Texas are calling on Gov. Rick Perry to apologize for his insinuation that homo-gay veterans should leave the Lone Star state if they are unhappy with the proposed gay marriage-banning amendment.

As for us, we are merely requesting that Perry make amends with a lifetime pass to Six Flags Over Texas and the complete first season of "Dallas" on DVD; our forgiveness can be bought.

Regarding Perry's chutzpah, retired Army Chaplain and Texas resident Colonel Paul W. Dodd says:

"Governor Perry's remarks were outrageous and offensive and do not reflect the views of fair-minded Texans who value the service of our men and women in uniform. It is past time that those who fight for freedom abroad be afforded those same liberties here at home."

Our prediction: Expect an audible Perry apology followed by a virtually inaudible, under the breath "sike."

Texas Governor Suggests Gay & Lesbian War Veterans Should Leave State; SLDN Calls on Gov. Rick Perry to Immediately Apologize [Press Release via U.S. Newswire]

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