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'Mo-hating earns UF alum "standout" status

by Jeremy Hooper

   The University of Florida's alumni magazine, UF Today, is being criticized by some LGBT groups and other UF alum for including anti-gay/pro-segregation advocate Charley Johns as part of their latest issue's "81 Standout Alumni."

The source of the ire stems from the former Governor's 1956 formation of the Johns Committee, a state body that aimed to round up gay students, faculty, and staff and have them removed from the Gainesville, FL campus. Within the next decade, Johns reportedly took credit for the dismissal of 20+ professors and deans, expulsion of 50 UF students, and the revocation of over 70 teaching certificates.

Of course in fairness to the publication, they only called Johns a "standout" alum. Compared to his classmates who didn't try and force the mass exodus of homosexuals, he certainly does fit that description. Yet one can't help but wonder why they didn't simply wait and honor Mr. Johns in their forthcoming "81 Alumni we'd rather have attended the University of Tennessee" edition.

Honor of anti-gay crusader draws fire [Gainesville.com]

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