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Perry pushes to ban gay marriage, endorse church/state marriage

by Jeremy Hooper

As expected, Texas Governor Rick Perry chose to sign a measure calling for a statewide ban on gay marriage this weekend, using a local Christian school to house the discriminatory action.

   Making light of the inapropos choice of venue, Perry's spokeswoman Kathy Walt (seen here, all spun out) tells the AP:

"There are a number of critics who would object to this bill-signing if it were in a public school, a library, a Wal-Mart parking lot or any other venue, because they oppose pro-life and pro-family issues."

Ummm, yea madame mouthpiece, we probably would object to any of those places, as they too are ridiculous choices. We do, however, have a really novel idea: How about signing it IN HIS OFFICE, without a camera crew, and without 300 of his closest anti-gay friends?! Why was that not one of your options? Your statement should read: "There are few critics who would object to his bill-signing if it were held in his office, because America supports separation of church and state." We would feel exactly the same way if this were a pro-gay measure!

However, if you think Perry's weekend choice of signing location was strange, you should see where the Governor chose to sign his own will:



Texas Governor Signs Bill [AP via Yahoo! News]
(Walt slumber pic: Austin Monthly)
(Perry signing pic: AP)

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