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Results of Maine anti-queer rights effort to be revealed at four, mocked by five

by Jeremy Hooper

   Those in Maine who are attempting to put a recently passed gay-rights law to a statewide vote, will announce today whether or not they succeeded in their quest to obtain 50,519 registered voter signatures.

  • If those on the anti-gay side failed, then the law prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation will stay on the books.
  • If they were successful, then the issue will go to the voters in November.
  • If they were not so hellbent on ridding the world of "the gay," then instead of this nonsense we could be discussing something worthwhile, like "I Want to Be Hilton." But I digress.

Regarding the "Peoples Veto" initiative, the Christian Civic League of Maine's online RECORD "newspaper" says:

"It has been an awesome, and an exhilarating process. We were very limited in our resources compared to the other side. We had only a team of dedicated individuals and a lot of faith. One caller to the League summed up the Peoples Veto quite nicely. She said it was like the miracle of the Loaves and the Fishes. The Lord’s disciples came to Him with little more than a few empty baskets, but they had faith. In return, the numbers kept multiplying."

Umm..yea... except not at all. The miracle of "Loaves and Fishes" that you mention regards an excess of 5,000 people being fed from just "2 fishes and five loaves of bread." We missed the part of the story where everyone was fed except for the two fruity apostles in the back row. Your little anti-gay thing that you're working on there, it merely aims to keep the doorway to discrimination wide open in regards to homos. Fighting for the right to deny Bob a job because of his love for Rob is lots of things, but Biblical it ain't.

The anti-gay squad will hold a press conference to announce the results at 4PM today. If Oprah's not particularly compelling this afternoon, then we will bring 'em to you as soon as they're announced.

Opponents Of Gay Rights Law To Announce Whether They Have Enough Signatures [AP via WMTV.com]

UPDATE: Maine anti-gay squad get their sigs [G-A-Y]

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