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TN: Telling children that they're innately flawed deemed acceptable

by Jeremy Hooper

  The TN Dept. of Children's Services, who last week announced they were conducting an investigation of Love in Action International's Refuge camp for gay teens, said yesterday that they've found no evidence to support allegations of child abuse at the Memphis-based facility.

Now that this investigation is complete, we hear that the state will next look into a matter at a Knoxville-based zoo in which a nutty extremist animal trainer works to convince impressionable leopard mothers that his faith-based, science-ignoring methods can completely change their child's spots.

In both situations, the misguided parents who feel that their children are second-rate will go without punishment. However, once the children wise up and realize they are fine just the way they are, the parents will likely go without joyous phone calls home, birthday well-wishes, and holiday visits.

Tenn. ends investigation of ex-gay camp for teens [Sovo.com]

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