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Wildmon and Knight celebrate their anti-gay pride

by Jeremy Hooper

   In response to their respective "pro-family" groups being cited by the Southern Poverty Law Center as some of the country's most vehement anti-gay crusaders, Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association says that he wears the criticism like a "badge of honor," and Concerned Women for America's Robert Knight says that the SPL Center is "vilifying pro-family groups in order to energize their base of washed-up hippies and tree-hugging environmental extremists. "

  In response to the discriminatory duos aggressively ignorant quotes, head spokesperson for the pro-equality base, Tommy Chong, said:

"Hey man, why does that one bald dude ::cough:: want a badge for hating gay people, man? And what's with that other dude? He's a guy but he works for a chick group? Well he obviously doesn't know anything, man."

Wow, thanks 70's era Tommy Chong! Where the hell would we be without our hippy base?

Christian 'Hate Groups' Accused of 'Anti-Gay Crusade' [CNSNews.com]
MP3 of Knight's statement
MP3 of Wildmon's statement

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