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Not satisfied with merely redefining 'pro-family,' anti-gay now goes after 'gay-friendly'

by Jeremy Hooper

Over on the Baptist News website, a young Southern Baptist woman named Christi Avant has written a first-person account entitled "I am gay-friendly." But don't go checking for icy conditions in hell, as Ms. Avant's version of "gay-friendly" involves referring to queers as lost, going against God, and filled with inherent evil. A regular Grace Adler, that Christi.

Ms. Avant frames her "I'm down with the homos" declaration around her work with the 411 Church, a NYC-based offshoot of the Southern Baptists geared towards the twenty-something urban set. She tells of today's journeys, saying:

"Today the staff of The 411 hauled hundreds of water bottles to a dancer's call audition for the revival of the Broadway musical "A Chorus Line" (infamous for being the first successful musical to openly deal with and affirm homosexuality in the arts). We walked into a room full of hopeful dancers and nervous producers and said 'Hey, this water is free for you guys. We're from a new church called The 411 and we just want to say that God loves you.'"

So a really nice gesture, right? But then Christi has to go and reveal the true motivations behind the liquifying act, saying:

"In no way should a person who claims to follow Jesus Christ advocate a lifestyle that so clearly is spoken against in the Word of God. However, we trust that by meeting the basic needs of lost people, doors will open to share with them the hope of a new life in Christ."

Ugh. The stereotyping, the assumptions, the false pretenses, the motivation - disgusting. She later goes on to say:

"Whether your hair is gray or streaked with purple, if you claim to follow Jesus Christ you are called to go directly into a bleeding, slimy, hurting, desperate, dying world, and defeat the inherent evil of people's souls with the good of the Father."

You know what, Chris? As far as the "gay-friendly" thing goes, we're actually good. As far as this gay is concerned, a friendship in the form in which you are offering is completely unwanted, not to mention extremely insulting.

FIRST PERSON: I am gay-friendly [BP News]

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