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Perry apologizes to state's Jews; homos still waiting patiently

by Jeremy Hooper

   Texas Governor Rick Perry has reportedly apologized to the state's Jewish community for having a messianic (accepts Jesus as the Messiah) rabbi speak as a representative at a recent bill signing. At the anti-gay marriage/ anti-abortion signing soiree in question -- which caused great controversy for being held in a local Christian school and featuring "pro-family" speakers -- Perry had "rabbi" David Stone give the closing benediction, a decision which drew ire from many Jewish activists, as well as the Anti-Defamation League. Not wanting to seem a shmendrek, Perry took the opportunity to express his regrets to some of the state's Jewish leaders in a meeting last week.

As for the state's gay, gay-friendly, fair-minded, pro-choice, and church/state separation-supporting citizens offended by Perry's:

a) decision to turn procedure into a "pro-family" rally
b) suggestion that gay veterans might want to consider leaving the Lone Star State
c) open disregard for church/state separation
d) general being

...they can expect their apologies on that upcoming twelfth day of Never, when ski conditions in Hades are perfectly ideal and porcine mammals take unexpected flight.

Perry apologizes for having messianic leader represent Jews [Ap via Star-Telegram]
Texas Gov Apologizes To Jews [JewishTimes.com]

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