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CCL of Maine questions with exactly which 'circle' a certain 'family' associates

by Jeremy Hooper

In today's edition of 'The Record,' the online newspaper of the Christian Civic League of Maine, the writer (presumably Michael Heath) criticizes a 'Family Circle' article in which columnist Ann Pleshette Murphy advises parents "to tell their children about gay marriages in frank, respectful terms." The gay-accepting parental advice leads the CCL to ask the question:

"Could this be what the Bible calls being given over to a reprobate mind? We wonder."

Weird, because when we read the column, it merely led us to ask ourselves:

"Can you believe we're actually reading 'Family Circle'? Where's 'Entertainment Weekly'?"

Though we dig marriage and the idea of a society that embraces non-discrimination, so maybe we're biased.

Be sure to look out for tomorrow's edition of 'The Record,' where we hear that the anti-gay crew will be questioning the moral fitness of 'Cat Fancy.'

THE RECORD Online Newspaper [CCLMaine.org]

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