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Ellner ad breaks partner-bearing barrier; Intl. Federation of Trophy Wife Beards said pissed over non-employment

by Jeremy Hooper

   In a new campaign ad, openly gay Manhattan borough president candidate Brian Ellner joins the ranks of virtually every other political candidate in the nation when he shows viewers the person with whom he shares his life. In addition, Ellner totally holds his own with that whole "accentuating key points with hand gestures thing," proving that political ad cliches simply know no sexuality.

The TV spot is thought to be the first in the nation to feature a candidate's gay partner, as they are, of course, usually forced to wait in the trailer or man a boom mic.

VOTE Sept 13, NYCers!!

Watch the Spot [Brian Ellner]

**UPDATE: 'Here's my partner' ad deliver$ for Ellner camp [G-A-Y]
Ellner ad reportedly makes Fox affiliate uneasy [G-A-Y]

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