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Fun with 'Agape' headlines

by Jeremy Hooper

Inspired by the "golf" setting behind Monday's gay-friendly Supreme court ruling in Cali, our buddies at Agape Press whipped out this creative, yet deceptive, hed:

Picture 3-32

Fun, though we'd like to suggest some more appropriate, less fear-mongering golf-themed options:

Cali Supremes Know Fairway to Treat Homos
CA Court Has Balls to Support Equality
Cali Ruling Up to Par
California Supremes Get Wood For Fairness
"Pro-Family" Types Teed Off by Monday's Ruling
Fore! Equality Coming to Cali

Should you crazy kids come around to admitting that nobody is out to destroy the sanctity of anyone's anything, these bits of punny genius are totally yours for the taking.

California Supremes Take a Club to Traditional Marriage [Agape]

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