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Milwaukee 'Naked Boys' forced to dress, choose 'suit'

by Jeremy Hooper

   The Milwaukee Gay Arts Center, who last week saw officers 'put the kibosh' on their production of "Naked Boys Singing" due to a lack of a certain permit, has filed a claim against the city accusing anti-gay bias as the real reason for the theatrical tour-de-foreskin's forced closing. The group claims that the lack of permit that led to the show's premature demise has not been used as a reason to close other area shows, many of which have been mounted without one.

According to the AP, the Center is seeking "$500,000 in punitive damages, $100,000 for anticipated legal fees, $27,720 for loss of ticket revenue, $3,000 for loss of advertisement revenue, $1,700 for the cost of rights for the play and $2,000 for legal fees to date."

As for the cast, we hear that they are currently seeking "another chance for their endowments, both vocal and penile, to catch their big break." To which we say: "Break a third leg, boys!"

Milwaukee Gay Arts Center files claim against city [AP via GazetteExtra.com]

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