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Perry works to protect 'sanctity' of Inboxes

by Jeremy Hooper

   Texas Governor Rick Perry has reportedly emailed 10,000 Lone Star State residents, encouraging them to vote in favor of a proposal that would add a gay marriage ban to their state constitution. The message, sent yesterday, said:

"That marriage is the union between a man and a woman is a truth known to each one of us already, and any attempt to allow same-sex marriages is a detriment to the family unit and hurts our state and nation."

We hear that the Governor was inspired to write the missive due to his own personal knowledge of just how effective a ridiculously deceptive e-message can be, as a recent e-promise to add six inches to his Perryhood is said to have instead resulted in a subtraction of three.

If this campaign is effective, rumor has it that Perry will next "Instant Message" Texans with the statement, "I'm as str8 as they come, the idea of m4m or f4f marriage makes me lol, and IMHO, my poo smells like a @->-->---"

A powerful tool, these Internets.

Perry sends e-mail in support of same-sex marriage amendment [AP via Star-Telegram.com]

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