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Robertson: 'Thou shalt not kill, except this time'

by Jeremy Hooper

   On his "The 700 Club" television show Monday, "anti-gay before anti-gay was cool" Pat Robertson suggested that the United States should assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, saying in part, "...if he thinks we're trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it."

In a related story, we hear that Robertson's show will tonight be rechristened "The 700 Club Him Until He's A Goner." Catchy.

If you'd like to see Patty Cake advance his train even further towards Crazytown, Media Matters has the video for your viewing pleasure.

Televangelist Calls for Chavez' Death [AP via Yahoo! News]
Venezuela Slams Robertson Over Remarks [AP via Yahoo! News]

***FOLLOWUP: Robertson struggles to emerge from the deep doo-doo of his own making [G-A-Y]

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