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Robertson struggles to emerge from the deep doo-doo of his own making

by Jeremy Hooper

  In response to his asinine assassination comments that made everyone assume he was an ass, Pat Robertson is now claiming that he was misinterpreted and that he merely implied that U.S. forces should "take [Venezuelan Pres. Chavez] out," not kill him.

Though we really shouldn't be surprised that he interprets statements like "...if he thinks we're trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it" as benign, non-encouragements of homicide, since he also duplicitously defines "insanely anti-gay" as merely "pro-family."

Patty Cake blames the AP for falsely reporting on his statements, as apparently he's yet to realize that video is actually a recorded medium, and that we really don't have to rely on the Associated Press to interpret his nonsense for us. We can see it for ourselves in its full digital glory.

Next thing you know, he'll try to tell us that "The 700 Club" isn't filled with propaganda!

Robertson: Chavez remarks misinterpreted [CNN]

***UPDATE: Pat Robertson Clarifies His Statement Regarding Hugo Chavez [PatRobertson.com]

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